FUT player time Upamecano: a solid card, but by

Most people still fall into the second tranche of the future of star players(and rightfully so), but EA did not release the FUT player time Upamecano today’s big new addition today. There is a new puzzle SBC to complete, if you feel so inclined.

However, let us start the discussion Upamecano. He is the the player of the moment, the card is based on the exclusive goal for Augsburg back in 2018:


FUT player time Upamecano

fut player time upamecano

Methyl –Jumbo Premium Gold Pack

  • The 1 Bundesliga player
  • Minimum 1-form player
  • The minimum 84 the whole squad rating
  • 80 chemical team

France –Prime mixed Players Pack

  • Minimum 1-form player
  • The minimum 84 the whole squad rating
  • A minimum of 75 chemical team

85 has a small team –Fee Gold players pack

  • Most low 85 the entire squad rating
  • A minimum of 70 chemistry team

Price: About 200-225K, according to FUTBin

Quick analysis: Yes, this is very strange, Upamecano has 29 volleys considering the card is based on his discharge goals. Anyway, the volleys are basically irrelevant for a CB(or a really big player this year)so I guess we let it slide. In the prior update, I discussed the Upamecano and how he played above his rating. I use he funds a lot, and still think it is a perfectly good card, if you’re just messing around with the basic challenge.

The appeal of this card is his easy link, has great pace, he will be the body of the people. The disadvantage is his composure and the flexibility is a little lacking, so he might feel a little stiff the ball and get things messed up some passes.

Now, that is to say, his competition for the likes of RttF Konate and Lucas Hernandez is a French advantage in a CB position. He is more expensive, more than this two players, but in an ideal world your team he RttF Konate,and then you also have to like something FUTMas Roussillon or player of the moment Davis in the side, and then play the target Mbabu is.

You don’t have to directly armor get the best of this card, it just points in the season where you can go full chemical and still put on a great team if you want to go that road. Nevertheless, although the package came back all good, I’ll pass on this card right now. The alternative to the French CB selection is sufficient, I don’t feel the need to abandon the 200 or so cards to get this version of the Upamecano, although I was a fan of his. In addition, if you have eyes on target Manuel Akanji when you complete your level this season, you might have a point is reserved for a new Bundesliga CB.

Future stars puzzle SBC

fut future star puzzle sbc

Rewards: Rare Players Pack Jun

Price: 6-9K

Package: Easy

Quick analysis: Many people has worsened the rare Jun The Players Pack, and with this one being for the benefits of trade are low for sure. Still, the future of star player so rare that even has a minuscule chance at an easy A seems good, if you got the card. Some simple concepts complete, this are only for Turkish players or another League other than the Big Five, you can rack up good players with the same nationality.

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