Four short links: 6 January 2019

  1. Declaration of the General Assembly of the web application’s pre-defined concept – Build an app, the developer imported the concept from the catalog, all of them to the appropriate application of the special needs by the structure of the variable, and links the concept of the composition together, to create a web page. Part of the different concepts can be executed independently, or combined together, to declare the manner with cloud data flow and synchronization. For instance, the configuration of the connection and combination of ingredients of all the expression of a simple template language extension of HTML. (By the newspaper)
  2. Programmer and experience Uncle Bob a rough estimate of the number of procedures doubled every five years, has the necessary consequences: it means that half of the programmers out there have less than five years of experience. This sentence blew my mind.
  3. Work contradictory—2004 paper found People with longer commuting time report system lower subjective well-being. I am serious. Interestingly, the Hacker News comments there are stories from people who feel encouraged by their commute.
  4. Amazon is building a library of many great files Many of the Amazon to build and run the software.

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