Four short links: 28 January 2020

  1. Learn the language of this list of problems faced by any people to take a new language test run just burns with the truth. (: And it was encouraging to see many of these issues the answer to the recipe format)
  2. OpenVAS— Open vulnerability assessment scanneraka”What cheap external safety assessment the supplier will run and the mail and then you report.”
  3. the. Vs raft: we reached consensus on the distribution of the consensus? — We find both. And the raft took a very similar approach to the distribution of consensus, differing only in their approach to leader election. Most notably, a raft of allowing only the server with the latest record, become leaders, and. Allow any server leaders to provide it and then update its records to ensure it is up to date. The raft approach is surprisingly effective given its simplicity, don’t. It does not require log entries to be exchanged during the leadership election. We guess that much can be understood of the raft from the file a clear description, rather than the fundamental basis of the algorithm is presented.
  4. Google Research football A new reinforcement learning environment, agents the goal is to master the world’s most popular sport—football. Imitate football the popular video game, it provides a physics-based 3D soccer simulation agent to control any or all of the football players in their team, learning how to pass between them and management, in order to overcome their opponent’s defense in order to score goals.

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