Four short links: 13 Nov 2020

  1. Advanced System on a Chip Lecture Notes (2016) — Topics: 1. Basic Processor & Memory hierarchy; 2. Advanced Out-of-Order Processor; 3. Data-parallel processors; 4. Micro-controller introduction; 5. Multicore; 6. RISC-V core; 7. Advanced Multicore; 8. Multicore programming; 9. Graphics Processing Unit (GPU); 10. Heterogeneous SoC; 11. GPU Programming; 12. Application-Specific Instruction-Set Processor (ASIP); 13 PULP: Parallel Ultra-Low-Power Computing; 14. Architecture in the Future – Wrap-up (via Hacker News).
  2. Flix — Next-generation reliable, safe, concise, and functional-first programming language.
    Flix is a principled and flexible functional-, logic-, and imperative- programming language that takes inspiration from F#, Go, OCaml, Haskell, Rust, and Scala. Flix looks like Scala, but its type system is closer to that of OCaml and Haskell. Its concurrency model is inspired by Go-style processes and channels. Flix compiles to JVM bytecode, runs on the Java Virtual Machine, and supports full tail call elimination.
    And supports first-class Datalog constraints enriched with lattice semantics.
  3. 20 Megatrends for the 2020s — Abundance, connectivity, healthspan, capital, AR and Spatial Web, smart devices, human-level AI, AI-Human collaboration, software shells, renewable energy, insurance industry switches to prevention, autonomous vehicles and flying cars, on-demand production and delivery, knowledge, advertising, cellular agriculture, brain-computer interfaces, VR, sustainability/environment, and CRISPR. Even if you don’t believe these are the trends of the future, it’s worth knowing what your customers/partners are being told.
  4. Credential Management — Level -2: No Authentication; Level -1: All Passwords = “password”; Level 0: Hardcode Everywhere; Level +1: Move Secrets into a Config File; Level +2: Encrypt the Config File; Level +3: Use a Secret Manager; Level +4: Dynamic Ephemeral Credentials.

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