Four short links: 11 Sep 2020

  1. Accurately Lipsync Video to Any Speech — In our paper, A Lip Sync Expert Is All You Need for Speech to Lip Generation In the Wild, ACM Multimedia 2020, we aim to lip-sync unconstrained videos in the wild to any desired target speech. (Paper) Impressive.
  2. Temporal — Open source “workflow-as-code” engine. I can’t decide if this is awful or brilliant.
  3. The Rate of Obsolescence of Knowledge in Software Engineering — When I graduated, I was told the half-life for what I’d learned was 18 months. But not all knowledge is equivalent, as the author points out. The anatomy of an OS class is still relevant today. It’s interesting to look at the knowledge you struggle to acquire and ask yourself what its half-life will be.
  4. Security Engineering (3ed) — Drafts of the third edition, to be released in December, are available online but may go away. (via Bruce Schneier)

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