For me, this is much more valuable, if a person pass on some advice, put it into a short, memorable phrase.

For me, this is much more valuable, if a person pass on some advice, put it into a short, memorable phrase.

This month’s uniquely Cleveland is focused on Ohio Northern Italian American Foundation, its 20-year history and its philanthropy, including the annual event, which this year will honor Tommy LiPuma. Cleveland and record producer, LiPuma has earned 18 gold and platinum records and 30 Grammy nominations in his 40-year career.

LiPuma has been described the phrases he used and why he looks for in an artist as the”cold factor.” In an interview, he put this explanation of nerve-tingling the result of a perfect combination of singing tone and style:”I can’t always put my finger on why I know something will work. This is more of a’calm under the factor’I am looking for honing in on that artist’s music reach your heart and you somewhere.”

The phrase,”cold factor,”you have all of the necessary realized how LiPuma make his decision and maybe you can be how to consider what make you the”cool factor”when you need to assess performance or products.

The decisive moment

Another phrase, say it all in a few words is the”decisive moment.” Henri Cartier-Bresson, a French photographer who is widely considered to be the father of photography, created this phrase, it has come to mean the perfect second to press the shutter.

To quote Cartier-Bresson, the decisive moment”in a fraction of a second, at the same time confirm the meaning of the fact that, on the one hand, and on the other a strict organization of inspection vision of the form of expression of this fact.”

Then, when you press the shutter in your decision, you may want to consider if it is the decisive moment.

The leap of faith

Is still a the third sentence of the communication there are so many so few words is a”leap of faith,”attributed to the 19th-century Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard. Although he was initially with which a religious significance, it has been applied more widely demonstrated to take a risk, and believe that it will be smooth.

Both”leap”and”faith”is the key word significance. If you change it to”motion no doubt,”it would not convey the message Nearly it.

I first heard this used by people I interviewed one who said she left her job before she gave birth to a new arrangement together. Her leap of faith, she said.

I don’t know how it works for her but I was impressed that she left her job without having a new one, she called it a leap of faith, and by doing so, it is set up forces play a role, which will help to ensure a positive outcome.

What is your phrase? If you do not have a on the other hand, give it some thought. You never know when you will ask for some advice.

Dennis is edited greatly the business intelligence network. He is interested in individuals and businesses making a difference in Cleveland.

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