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New girl sex scene

PEOPLE exclusive just features 13 of the first Japanese poems are in sex-segregated, which made me laugh out loud. Here is one:”when the first swimming pool/open swimsuit on, and head/back once twice a month.”

Ze book

Crow Leilani Sheen, one of the most widely anticipated book of the year, out this week greatly Zhang flag drum. Clever,witty novel under Edie, a young black woman working Management working in publishing, who finds himself part of a suburban white couple in an open marriage. This summer, I’ve kept starting and stopping of the books, unable to find any convincing, but once I read Leilani’s opening line—”the first time we have sex, we all wear clothes, at our table during working hours, bathed in Blue computer light”—I know I won’t put this down.

Cormorants cake

Have you ever seen a cormorant cake? This wedding cake, above, looks like a 1960’s carpet in the best way. “People like them always want to touch them,”Baker opening special Winowitch tell us. “And the cream tastes as good as it looks.”

Jeni's coffee ice cream

At 41 years old I started drinking coffee for the first time in my life, this is real blow to the site. (Guys why no one say anything?;) Now I want all the coffee-flavored treats, including Deni coffee with cream and sugar of ice cream. Yummmmmmm.

John Derian floral

Remember John Derian’s Provincetown house tour? I love how he plays around with scale and arrangement of the branch high enough low ceilings. Here are a couple of pictures from his Instagram. So inspiring!

P. S. 8 hack style to steal from the movie and the electrical history of the nerd with the tip.

(Wedding cake photos by Belathée.)

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