‘Firenados’ are wreaking havoc across Australia

The firenados trigger the explosive pyrocumulonimbus cloud reaches 16 km(10 miles)high, is to make conditions even more dangerous and unpredictable than usual.

One firefighter died when his truck was overturned in the fire tornado before this week.

Australia' s deadly wildfires is that there is no stop sign. Here' s what you need to know

Pyrocumulonimbus cloud formed when intense heat from a fire forces the air to rise rapidly, as of smoke, in a huge, anvil-shaped tower.

These intense storm clouds-the so-called flammagenitus–produce an unstable dynamic, and bring rapid and unpredictable changes, so that the work of firefighters ever more dangerous, the Bureau of Meteorology spokesman Neil Bennett told the Australian ABC.

Clouds may also produce”dry lightning”, or lightning without rain.

“Prediction of fire weather aspects of wind power is crucial when you’ve got a height variation of the wind environment for you to do in a thunderstorm, if you have, in the ring of fire in the environment, the air becomes very, very unpredictable,”Bennett said.

Last Monday, the New South Wales Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons announced the loss of the volunteer members of the 12-ton fire truck is flipped over what he described as a”zoom-popular””cyclone type winds.”

“Local people, to catch him in the field at the accident scene described their experience as truly frightening. They describe it as an extraordinary wind of the event, described it as a fire tornado,”Fitzsimmons said, and looked upset.

“We have a completely destroyed family, destroyed local communities, in what has been an extraordinary loss.”

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