FIFA World Cup 2022™-News-Zahoui: the Central African Republic are not inferior to the giant

  • The Central African Republic has never participated in the Eredivisie or the Word Cup finals
  • Coach Francois Zahoui the eyes of young girls involved in the Eredivisie
  • Les Fauves The proximity qualifier is not an inferiority complex

Traditionally the weakest team in Africa, the Central African Republic has not yet reached the CAF Africa Cup of Nations, the FIFA World Cup. But in the past ten years, Les Fauves Has gradually improved, and recorded some impressive results, such as beating 2-0 Algeria in the AFCON 2012 Life fixed term and Egypt 3-2 in Cairo 2013 the same preliminaries.

The National Football Federation, has recently been appointed Francois Zahoui to coach the national team. Côte d’ivoire to reach the AFCON 2012 final with Côte d’ivoire before losing Hull Cardiff Renard of Zambia. Fans of Les Fauves Now hope Zahoui can guide their team to the girls and Eredivisie participate in the World Cup periphery of the race feel inferior to the larger team.

“When I took the reins of the Central Africa team, our first goal is to reach the AFCON final,”Zahoui told “However, we ended up in a group with Morocco.

“Now given the impact of COVID-19, we will find it difficult to achieve this goal, because our next game will be against Morocco, their players are already coming back to play the official game. As we, the people, they have not played competitive for a long time, this could hurt our chances in the remaining qualifiers.”

The preliminary qualification draw(CAF)

Qatar 2022 draw the Central African Republic in a difficult group with Nigeria, Cape Verde Islands and Liberia.

“We must admit that Nigeria is clearly my favorite,”Zahoui said. “They’ve been involved in a number of the World Cup, including the latest one, and have the required experience.”

About Cape Verde and Liberia, the coach said, the former is”one of Africa’s powerful team. It will not be easy for us to beat them in these qualifiers, because they are more experienced. As a Liberian, I think we are more or less the same standard.

“But all this is theoretical pitch might have another opinion. However, for our part, we will certainly compete with everything we have achieved positive results, although we know very well our standard than other people.”

Modest teams like the Central African Republic often head into the World Cup, the periphery of the game without feeling inferior and determined to challenge the established Cannon. Why not when you have to fight Egypt and Algeria in recent years it?

“Participating in the World Cup the periphery of the game would enhance our experience and teach us,”said Zahoui. “Our team is small, and the country as a whole is facing a variety of issues at many levels. What is good, however, there is a desire to here, at the national development team. Everyone at maximum effort to push the team forward.”

Despite the Gulf between the Les Fauves And heavyweights, like Nigeria, the coach is not ruling anything.

“We will not lack of desire or ambition, in these qualifiers,”he said,”although things will be theoretically tough, you never know what will happen on the field. We will play the greatest determination to obtain positive results, while aspiring to improve and reach the level of the continent’s top surface.

“Our goal the first year is to gain experience and improve ourselves by participating in the World Cup qualifiers. And then we seek to reach the AFCON finals history first. The brigade in the qualifiers, and will definitely help us.”

Ivory Coast coach Francois Zahoui to attend the press conference


In my most love to see Zahoui

As a seasoned, Africa has ten years of experience in international football, we asked Zahoui for his love of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 sequence.

“The collection of those that participated in the previous version, and have the necessary experience, such as Nigeria, Senegal, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and Cameroon, although the latter recently tough. Côte d’ivoire is also a strong side, will be a competitive place. There are other teams that missed the final version, such as Algeria, who I see as strong contenders for the qualification this time.

“You should also see some of the teams recent strong rebound, such as Mali, who I consider a very good candidacy, and South Africa. As for our Central African people, it would be very difficult.”

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