Fee Lance Torres:a comparison with Ronaldo, love dogs, want to the best

Ferran Torres signed for Manchester City from Valencia, it will be official soon will be the end of rumors over the past few months with him just about every major club in all the largest unions.

He had offers from Juve, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund-and got a call from Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea and Manchester United-but it is the city about to finalize a deal estimated at about € 25(£22. 6m)was added to 12m euros(£10. 9m)in the extra.

Time has come for the 20-year-old-a prodigiously talented, lightning fast winger-to find his fortune elsewhere in the football world.

A bargain for the people of the city?

Valencia want more young people, but is found, he may have left for free in a year’s time-the city of Manchester has its own bargain.

When I met him last week in Valencia, I asked him whether he learn the language.

“Yes, you have always got to learn the language because you never know where the ball will go with you tomorrow…. However, above all I’m learning English, because English is essential to any part of the world you are in,”he said.

So high is the Torres level, many at the club believed a new Valencia side may build around him. However, it seems always to occur in Valencia, the political and financial intervention.

With contract negotiations stalling, the club decided not to take a chance and accept the transfer fees instead.

But Torres has retained a loyalty to the club and his home town of Foios, around six miles North of Valencia Mestalla of the Ball family.

Just because he would have no criticism of Foios-“I have all my friends there, the fact is, I felt very much at home”-no, he will hear a word said by the way the club he joined as a seven year old.

He recalled the first time he put on the Valencia kits before training as a child.

“I remember I put on my shirt and then walked into the bathroom looked at myself almost in a daze,”he said.

“I’m just wearing this shirt and my panties and I just stared at the shirt and say to yourself:’What am I doing here? How did I get here?’ This is a special moment.

“At the end of the day, it’s the team from my land and the team gave me everything.”

But now that Torres knew the time had left the club he supported all his life.

He said:”as a player, I consider myself to be ambitious, someone wants to win, win, and…over time, you feel that you are better prepared, then you want to take on bigger challenges, experiencing a change of Environment. Yes, I think I’m ready to do so.

“My heart always think I’m the best, I want the best and I work to try to the best. If you don’t believe in yourself, you are the best, then no one will believe you”.

Ferran Torres became the youngest player, the 50 table Valencia

How Torres to here?

His skills and speed is very obvious to everyone from the moment he joined the club as a boy.

He made his way through the ranks, just like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo did before him, spent most of his time playing in both sides and Alliance with youth greater and almost always have at least two older than him.

“I’m not affected, because the large physical differences exist,”he said. “I’m smaller than some of the people that I can see is fully formed and I’m struggling, I’ll leave the crying.

“To enter the challenge, such as a 14 or 15 year old to strong 17 and 18-year-old man is difficult for me. this feeling can not win, not able to do what I want, something I found difficult to accept.”

He received the message, he included in Valencia’s first team play Spain in the 2017 Under-17 World Cup in India. On 16 May of that year, he became the first person born in 2000 to play in La Liga since he made his League debut against Derby.

What are his main strengths?

Torres game was based on blistering pace, superb close control and unpredictability of the attacks. A modern winger-he can also play inside-he has a great change of pace, is very strong, stable with the ball at his feet and strong in the air.

The comparison is already a young Cristiano Ronaldo,a player who he cites as his main reference,”not only because he plays his football, but also because he carries his own self-contained Ball”. He added:”It is worthy of admiration and I want to follow his steps.”

He is not yet documented, but is possible, for one so young and has been described through the Valencia Academy Director of recruitment, Jose Jimenez, as a”complete player”.

Perhaps his greatest asset is his football instinct. “More than a conscious understanding, I do what I do instinctively,”he said. “If By understand you mean then I think that, although I never really think I already know what I want to do things, but just at that moment.”

He is the kind of stadium?

Torres will be sorely missed in Valencia is not only the team but also the fans who like him as one of them.

“For many fans you are a reference, they also spent time having their photos taken with you and that should also be respected so I spend what time is necessary,”he said.

Until recently, Torres is still living with his father in Foios, although he since bought himself an apartment in Valencia. Winger recalls a childhood to cultivate the soil in his grandfather’s orchard, which he now realized was another part of his education.

“At the end of the day, it is these small details, we must never lose, because although it has nothing directly with football, it has helped me at least become the type of person I am,”he said.

His closest friends call him Iron;Torres they say:”I have all the above four friends, I have all my life and with who I do everything, and the fact that we always keep in touch with one another.

“When I do something serious, they told me, when I do well, where they come to congratulate me, but more than anything, I thank them when they tell me about something I’ve done wrong.”

He is also very fond of his two dogs, an 11 year old Podenco Andalusian is called Minnie and a 12-year-old Czechoslovakia that only a wolfhound called Lluna.

“My sister and I they are my everything. In fact, we cannot do without them. They live all this with me. Everything we have talked about they have lived with me,”he said.

Currently no love for Torres. The main woman in his life is his sister, Alan, Tessa, six years his senior.

Torres said:”My sister this is true, I’m from the more open. With her showing more of what I thought was in a particular moment. She is my soulmate.

“She’s been through some very difficult and complex when she had to face and they by them. She has her own career, her master’s degree, and has a great value. She has always been super-protective of me.

“I think the reason I get such good she is because she knows how to stay on the edge, not strangling me, I know that if I want something, I can go to her.

“She will never ask me, but when I have any suspicion of anything or any type of problem, the first person I always go to is her.

“We have a tattoo on our ankle-anchor in this case, I refuse to sink’. That’s because we’ve been through difficult times together we’ve been through they move forward.”

I asked him why tattoos of English?

“I don’t know,”he answered. “I think it looks better in English.”

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