FBI Director Ray said over 2,000 active investigations tied to China

FDual Director Christopher Ray said the Bureau is being carried out more than 2,000 active investigations connected to the Chinese Communist Party.

Ray, he participated in the FBI’s apex in the President Trump the emission of James Comey, told Bret Baier of Special Report In the Fox News China is the biggest threat to the American economy and its democratic principles, and to warn about the dangers presented by Chinese trade theft and espionage.

“There is no country that presents a broader, more comprehensive threat to U.S. innovation, our economic security and our democratic ideas than the States,”Ray said in an interview that aired Wednesday.

“The FBI has more than 2,000 active investigations, Dating back to the government in China,”Ray said, noting that they represented”about 1300%growth in conditions of economic espionage investigations with a state of the relationship from about ten years ago.”

Ray also requested that the Bureau is”open a new counterintelligence investigation of the relationship back to China, every 10 hours.”

The Ministry of Justice has increased its consideration of China’s activities recently started the China initiative, in 2018 and prosecution of nationals of the country in espionage cases, the crack down of the hack plan, the prosecution’s efforts to steal trade secrets, and will after the thousand people plan, which includes Harvard Professor Charles Lieber.

Ray said that the Chinese government”implement activities of intellectual property theft, economic espionage, network intrusions target the enterprise, regardless of the size of all countries, and our academic research institutions.” Ray joined the Beijing Games”not only through traditional government officials, they certainly do, but also by our sometimes called non-traditional collectors—it may be the businessmen, senior scientists, high-level academics…all of them in a different way to encourage stealing American innovation and confidential information and take back to China.”

The Senate Permanent Subcommittee on investigations, led by. Robert, released a 109-page bipartisan report on the concluding out-of-state”seeking to exploit America’s openness to advance their own national interests”and”the most positive they have been in China.” It found that China’s use of its Thousand Talents Program, which aims to recruit academics to access proprietary information, over the past two decades the use of access to U.S. research laboratories and academic institutions.

“This is not Chinese or Chinese Americans,”Ray stressed on Wednesday. “This is about the Chinese government and the Chinese Communist Party”。

The FBI Director said,”the tradition of espionage,”like”the old spy for the spy thing,”is”still very much, such a phenomenon in today’s world.” But he said that the Bureau is”much more focused in many ways on economic espionage, which targets U.S. companies and hurting American jobs, American consumers”across a range of industries from the”Fortune 100 companies to startups.”

The ongoing education sector survey has already excavated 1 million dollars of anonymous foreign funding in the national scope of the campus, and found a school of direct contract of the Communist Party of China. American colleges and universities recently reported 65 million dollars not previously disclosed to the foreign money from China and other places.

When asked whether the state found the use of protests has swept across the country, because damn it George Floyd in police custody, Ray said,”We look carefully at the prospect of foreign influence or foreign interference of all the protests that have occurred over the past few weeks.”

Ray also said that FBI investigators”definitely have a role in looking into the root causes of the coronavirus,”but he did not provide a clear update, and noted that,”at this point, nothing can be added to what the intelligence community has said publicly to this”and”there is enough information to really know exactly how the virus originated from Wuhan.”

A Senior intelligence officials tell Washington Examiner Last month, Most of the US intelligence community’s 17 spy agencies believe the Cov may be due to the accidental escape from a Chinese bio-lab, rather than in a nearby wet market.

When asked about the possibility of election interference in 2020, Ray said the Chinese”the interest in the influence of our political ideology, our policy—to try to transfer them in a more friendly, Pro-China, pro-Communist direction”and”is sometimes wrapped in the elections.”

In March, the Office of the Director of national intelligence to inform lawmakers, the intelligence agencies, there is no end to Russian support for any particular of the 2020 candidates, while warning about the intervention from multiple countries. A non-confidential facts table claims that this is”not a Russia-only problem”, as it warned that countries such as Iran, Cuba, North Korea and China can also be found in the interference.

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