Fallen Order’ Star Wars Day deal — save 50%

SAVE $20: One of 2019’s best games, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, is on sale ahead of Star Wars Day — save 50% on the single-player adventure at GameStop.

May (the) 4 is almost upon us, and in case you don’t know what that means, it’s Star Wars Day. Not only does Star Wars Day involve many celebrations and announcements about the future of the world’s most popular expanded universe franchise, but it’s also is a great day for sales. Lots and lots of Star-Wars-related sales. 

In anticipation of the big day, GameStop has deeply discounted one of the best Star Wars games you can play: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. You can now pick up the acclaimed 2019 title for 50% off (just $20), or technically even more than that, considering the true original price was $60. 

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, is the single-player Star Wars adventure that so many had been yearning for up until the announcement of its existence back in 2018. You’ll step into the shoes of young Padawan Cal Kestis as he seeks to repair the fractured Jedi Order following the Great Purge that was set into motion by the sinister Emperor Palpatine. Explore different planets, build relationships with new Star Wars characters (as well as some familiar faces), and become a true Jedi as you regain your powers throughout your epic quest.

Feel like a true Jedi — pick up Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order at GameStop for Star Wars day and save 50%. 

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