Experimental coronavirus treatment leronlimab has delivered’impressive’early results, the developer said

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Experimental coronavirus treatment leronlimab has reduced the plasma viral load and restoring the immune system of the COVID-19 patients, according to data from a group of patients.

“The results are impressive,”Nader Pourhassan, Chief Executive Officer of the biotechnology company CytoDyn in a conference call.

Leronlimab is a viral entry inhibitor, has targeted HIV and breast cancer. The drug also has attracted attention as a potential coronavirus treatment, especially to quell the so-called”cytokine storm”when COVID-19 has caused the immune system errors.

Experimental coronavirus treatment LERONLIMAB show a very promising reaction in some COVID-19 patients

“Leronlimab reduce plasma virus levels,”said Dr. Bruce Patterson, CEO of diagnostic experts IncellDX through a conference call, noting that leronlimab also restore the immune cells.

Patterson said his laboratory for blood sample analysis of the 10COVID-19 patient participation in emergency research for new drug therapy in the heart of the Medical Center.

“It is significant that one of the drugs to restore the immune system and reduce the viral burden in these patients,”Patterson added. “This is what gives us great hope and great excitement about leronlimab before in these trials.”

More than 100 years ago, coronary virus, the Spanish flu pandemic ravaged the world

CytoDyn has registered patients in two clinical trials COVID-19: a Phase 2 randomized controlled clinical trials for mild to moderate COVID-19 patients in the United States and a Phase 2b/3 randomized controlled clinical trials, serious and critical illness COVID-19 patients in several hospitals throughout the country, company officials said in a statement.

Leronlimab has a variety of drugs in the spotlight as the world scrambled to contain the coronavirus pandemic. Many experts, however, have warned that people should not take the medicine unless the doctor determines them.

CytoDyn recently announced leronlimab shows a”very promising”should be in COVID-19 suffering from mild to moderate symptoms.

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On the afternoon of Monday, more than 3 million-Cov cases have been diagnosed worldwide with more than 983,800 of them in the United States the disease has accounted for 210 000 deaths around the world, including through 55,of the 500 people in the United States

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