Everything coming to Disney+ in June 2020

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Kick your summer stream off of some of Disney+.

In June 2020, Mickey’s streaming service will be mining some old TV favorites, including 101 Dalmatians And Schoolhouse Rock Series while the new episodes The Disney Gallery: MandalorianInto the unknown: make Frozen 2, And Is our chef.

For the film, to improve the world premiere Artemis chicken In June 12. Then, enjoy the past like Percy Jackson and the Olympians: the Lightning Thief, Tarzan, And Tinker Bell and the pirate fairy.

Check everything coming to Disney+month in 2020 the following.

Top pick: Artemis Fowl(2020)


According to Joensuu, Cole Francisco is your novel of the same name, the film version of the Artemis chicken Has been a long time coming. This story of 12-year-old genius Artemis(Ferdia Shaw), first published in 2001, it has been considered for adaptation several times by multiple studios, but only ever came to fruition in the Disney. And then, of course, COVID-19 epidemic and the movie the object of the theatrical release of the mobile to the stream.

To celebrate this movie Last To reach our home by the addition of Artemis, and his father(Colin Farrell), Holly Short(Mike Ferrara), covering Diggums(Josh Gad), Commander Root(Judi Dench), and more of your favorite characters to be streaming the adventure in the Artemis fantasy, the crime attack. Of course, we can’t vouch for the movie yet…but based on the trailer? Our hope is sky-high.

How Table: Artemis Fowl began to flow on 12 In Disney+.


Artemis chicken (6 on 12th)
Percy Jackson and the Olympians: the Lightning Thief (6 on 26th)
Tarzan (6 on 26th)
Tarzan II (6 on 26th)
Tinker Bell and the pirate fairy (6 on 19th)
Walt and El Grupo (6 on 12th)


101 DalmatiansSeason 1(6/19)
Alaska gray gauntletSeason 1(6/5)
America’s greatest animals (6 month 5 day)
Big Sur: California (6 on 19th)
Chasing after spring equinox (6 month 5 day)
Howie Mandel animals do things: Seasons 1-2(6 month 5 day)
Into the unknown: make Frozen 2 (6 on 26th)
Space (6 on 26th)
Mars and the outer (6 on 26th)
Powerful medical: Seasons 1-2(6/12)
Muppet Babies Play Date: in the Season 1(6/19)
The crow familySeason 3(6 on 26th)
Schoolhouse RockSeason 1(6/19)
Secrets of wild IndiaSeason 1(6/5)
The GreeksSeason 1(6/5)
Free story (6 on 12th)
This story painting (6 on 12th)
Strange but true!: Seasons 1-2(6 month 5 day)
Wild HawaiiSeason 1(6/5)
Women of impact: change the world (6 month 5 day)

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