Every item from the Pascal mermaid set in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

In this video, we show the entire mermaid set, you can from Pascal when you give him a scallop, you sleep when deep-sea diving. All of the Pascal mermaid furniture in the future in the form of a DIY recipe may be made the shells, you find your beach and pearl you find on the seabed. Next to furniture, Pascal will also give you two types of mermaid dress, shoes and tiara. You will even have the opportunity to get the Pearl from Pascal,too. Pascal will appear on your island at least once a day, when you catch a scallop from the ocean. He does not always reach the first scallop of the day, so don’t stop diving until you see him! The following is the complete list of mermaid items, if you comment you like, you can win all of the furniture in the mermaid!

All mermaid DIY recipes

Mermaid bed

Mermaid carpet

Mermaid lamp

Mermaid sofa

Mermaid wall

The President of the mermaid

Mermaid frame

Mermaid table

The mermaid’s closet

Mermaid screen

Mermaid Vanity

Mermaid dresser

Mermaid floor

Mermaid wall clock

All dresses mermaid

Mermaid tiara

Mermaid fishy dress(two colors)

Mermaid Princess dress(two colors)

Mermaid shoes(two colors)

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