EVE Online hosts the large-scale battles, to celebrate the terminally ill player’s birthday

Hundreds and hundreds of EVE Online post together this week to give the terminally ill members of the community a special birthday. Well-planned battle to see thousands of ships fight against each other give cancer patients suffering from play a light show only free computer games, may be provided, as well as a unique birthday card, related.

In the report of the PCGamer EVE Online player Chappy78 discuss how one of the worst weeks of his life ended in a spectacular way. 42-year-old man told me that his pancreatic cancer has returned, and the possibility is that survival is not in his favour. As a long-term EVE Online player, he go to his space activities of the society to try and redeem his birthday. The original idea was to have a puppy-a fight between friends, but because of the one line of the Communist Party of China the game’s official forum, it became a highlight of the year.

About 2 000 players represented, ready to fight, and the ensuing carnage is appropriately absurd. Produce a new year’s EVE Online-specific Souvenirs, Chappy78 ask, if all the players would eventually stop the fight, the object of his, so he can get a killmail(eve of the death report)with everyone’s name. They are not entirely suitable for everyone, but more than 700 people name-check in to get the killmail. “This is incredible,”Chappy78 said in the PCGamer article. “I’ve been doing a lot of things, and I’ve been playing a lot of battles(online), but I’ve never been in a battle much larger outrageous.”

You can find the image of the skirmish on signed deals, as well as this lovely line of good wishes. Here’s a video of the action:


EVE Online reporting a full-time peak concurrent players earlier this year, in the third Chapter of its invasion story. You can find it on Steam if you want to give it a try.

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