Escape from the carried out up 0. 12. 6. 2 adds new missions and reserves map expansion

Escape carried out the Crescent 29 the update, officially known as patch 0. 12. 6. 2 through the development of Battlestate game,is life. To update add two tasks, involving a new extension to the protected area of the map, with a small amount of repair and technical improvements.

New tasks can be by Prapor after Level 10, heading for the bunker-Part 1 and the bunker-Part 2. Both are located in the underground bunker below the Reserve, which has expanded the previously sealed door is now open, providing new entrances to the bunker, and with several of the existing routes and locations. Scav Raiders now spawn in the bunker and a new extraction point is called the D-2 has been increased, this requires the player to restore the force to another part of the bunker before it can be accessed.

Below you will find the requirements of both bunker missions and rewards, plus the full patch notes for the update, detailing some of the above defect repair.

Prapor quest-The Bunker-Part 1


  • Find the underground bunker
  • Find the control room in the underground bunker
  • Survival and extract


  • +0.08 rep(Prapor)
  • AK-74N5. 45×39 assault rifle
  • 5. 45×39 mm BT(120)
  • 20 000 rubles
  • +EXP6,000

Prapor quest-The Bunker-Part 2


  • Find a closed door leading to the hospital(white Bishop)
  • Find a closed door, leading to the College building(black Bishop)
  • Find a closed door, leading to the Campâ„–1(black pawn)
  • Find a closed door, leading to the Campâ„–2(white pawn)
  • Find a closed door that led to the building of the Space Control Center(the White King)
  • Survive and leave the area


  • +0.08 rep(Prapor)
  • The Kalashnikov rifle-74UB5. 45×39
  • 5. 45×39 mm BS(120)
  • 25 000 rubles
  • +6,600 EXP

Escape from the carried out updated 0. 12. 6. 7982( that patch

Note: Battlestate the game refers to the May 29 update patch 0. 12. 6. 2 Social mediaBut the official log as up to 0. 12. 6. 7982.


  • Added 2 new tasks Prapor(after 10 LVL, right after the”BP gallery”task)

Fixed various bugs, some of them:

  • Double damage by a gunshot wound to the chest
  • Outdoor sound is played indoor after re-connection
  • Killa did not shoot back for different reasons
  • Weapon icon is not blocked in the window”add provider”add a weapon mod without the”now-RAID”in the state.


  • Various improvements, optimization, freeze repair
  • Technical correction

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