E3 2020 has been canceled

Plan a public E3 2020 event in Los Angeles has been cancelled.
Zoom / Plan a public E3 2020 event in Los Angeles has been cancelled.

E3 2020, because we know this is the end.

Multiple sources familiar with the Entertainment Software Alliance(ESA)’s program has been confirmed to Ars technical organization, which is responsible for the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo(E3), will soon eliminate the three-day fair. Like in previous years, E3 2020 is scheduled to be in early June three-day event at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Shortly after we received the tip, independent of the release of the game and plethora of environments inhabited by move publishing A short, ominous message on Twitter: “Cancel your E3 tickets and hotel, you guys.” ESA did not make any notification about the E3 2020 time.

A source statement, the ARS of the background that they will hear the message E3 in 2020 to cancel”directly from ESA members”and an official, public statement of the issues”should be today(Tuesday 10 July)and slip.”

On behalf of the ESA did not immediately respond to ARS technical issues relating to the state E3 to move forward or whether the event is seismic shift may be, and is not meant to delay, move to a different location or a completely virtual live stream event.

Exactly why the event will be cancelled is unclear at this time. Late last month, the ESA, to discuss issues related to the coronavirus spread and affect mainly the 2020 Expo World insisted that it”continue(d)plan for safe and successful E3″without”monitoring and assessment”and its potential impact of the event held in Los Angeles.

Following this announcement, the E3 of the Contracting creative Director, merchandise and events company iam8bit, resigned from the subsequent five weeks of work. This is a message a month after the announcement, long-term E3 partners Jeff Keith will not participate in this year’s exhibition.

Than more so of the organizers and headlines, E3 has always been about the game, but even this fact has been a sore spot, as E3 has already seen major game publishers to bow out in recent years. Move-Blizzard becoming an unreliable participants to begin in 2016. EA officially abandoned E3 in 2016 to operate the EA to play an independent event and E3, on an annual basis. While Nintendo often has a major booth on the E3 show, the company did not host an E3 keynote event for some time, but the choice of the host before the shooting of the Nintendo Direct presentation on YouTube.

Sony is not there in 2019 is considered particularly important, because it is the producer of the world’s best-selling home consoles, and its E3 2020, did not appear seems to be the more obvious comparison, thanks to a new Game 5 console is expected to launch later this year.

Kyle Orland contributed to this report.

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