Drone video of isolation in cities around the world are weird and inspiring

It is like a disaster the shadow: the deserted streets, empty sidewalks, boarded up storefronts. However, with all the zombie and alien invasion movies before, real photos and video show isolated cities around the world suggests the possibility of a hopeful future. Humans are self-isolation, social distancing, and, Yes, isolation in an effort to beat back the coronavirus.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the drone video is as surreal as the experience itself.

Collection of news agencies, journalists and enthusiasts must be(remotely)took to the streets to document the various embargo and the ban is our new reality. From San Francisco to Paris, some of the world’s most famous cities must take a fresh new look.



As the number of infections coronavirus continues to climb—the World Health Organization lists the number of confirmed cases in 413,467 when writing this book—more and more people stay inside and social alienation in a desperate bid to slow the virus’s spread.

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These drone videos, we hope, will inspire people in the area have not slammed the impact of COVID-19, the diseases caused by the coronavirus, do so. Because just like these disaster movies, we are all in this together.

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