Dragon Ball Z: card card Luo at the opening of the movie is pure nostalgia hype

For many Dragon Ball Fans of the original Dragon Ball Animation aired back in the 90s, in the West is their first taste of the Japanese phenomenon. Therefore, there is a lot of nostalgia attached to the show that a lot of people, Generation Namco is obviously well aware of this fact.

The upcoming action role-playing game Dragon Ball Z: card card Roth covers the main story arc of the anime, just to sweeten the deal, the title is open the movie to go all in nostalgia. With the iconic Cha-La,Head-Cha-La song,it is a bit of a head opening credit of the manga, and boy is effective. It’s even a little of the bottom where Goku and the gang in the line on the screen.

Did you grow up watching Dragon Ball And shake it out Head-Cha-La? Follow along below in the comments section.

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