Doomguy and Isabel are best friends

The Doomguy is a pretty cool guy who kills demons and different to run faster than most Olympic Athletes. Isabel is a happy puppy who is very helpful and kind. These two very different characters in the game have become the best of friends, according to many artists on the Internet. I like it.

The trend of matching up the Doomguy and Isabel last year, when the doom of Eternity is delayed. Initially, the Doom Eternal plan in November, but in October be postponed to March 20, 2020. This just happens to be the same day the new Animal Crossing game, being the start switch.

Soon, people began to create and test op art, on the basis of this strange friendship. You can find an online ResetEra This is a round of some of the best works of the works of art with this two pals. You can also just search Twiter and looking for great fan art with these two.

There is nothing wholesome about this pairing. The Doomguy on a cold ruthless machine more than one person. So look to him to help teach Isabelle to shoot BFG is surprisingly good. He felt more human, which makes him look like a more likable guy.

Figure: boris_feinbrand (ResetEra)

For Isabel, she was hanging out with no one, not a nasty animal worry more about the town and the money. She had to take a break, a nice vacation. She also gets to use a big shotgun and shoot something, it sounds very interesting and it might help her relieve some of the pressure.

Inevitably, the two friends spent a lot of time together, which means that, by 2020, they have started a podcast. Fortunately, someone created a little podcast for us to hear and enjoy.

I will hear more. At least they’re not doing some true crime show.

The Internet can be a scary place, you know. You are currently at the top of it. So whenever I see the happy, funny, cute or good trends are such that I appreciate. And now I have to do is wait until March so that I can kill some demons and build a cute little family.

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