Diamond buried 400 miles below the surface can explain the enigmatic seismic

San Francisco deep under the Earth’s surface, earthquakes, the rumble of the mantle transition zone, the region of the upper mantle from the lower. The liquid of the mantle is wanting to play a part in those deep earthquakes, but until now, no conclusive to prove the presence of liquid in these depth.

Now, scientists believe they may have found evidence of fluid in an unlikely place: inside the ultra-deep diamonds.

Although the majority of the diamond crystals in the depths of 87 to 124 miles(140 to 200 km),ultra-deep diamonds to be found do 373 497 miles(600 to 800 km)table below. Inside of these gems forged in the depth of the tiny defects or inclusions by the liquid. These defects, the display, the liquid may flow in the mantle layer of the diamond formed.

It’s such a liquid is of interest to scientists studying the deep Earth, learn geochemists Stephen shirey, a senior research scientist in the institution for Science in Stanford, California, told Live Science the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union(AGU). This is because the position and movement of these liquid possible is the key to understanding deep earthquake, shirey said.

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In the new study, presented at the AGU a meeting on Tuesday(Dec. 10),shirey and his colleagues are modeling the movement of fluid at depth using information about the locations, these diamonds formed in the mantle.

In creating these models, the scientists are hoping the connection point between the flow into the deep sleeve diamond formation”and the physical rupture of the rock region”of the mantle transition zone, shirey said. As a next step, researchers need”for the current to those of the liquid to a deep earthquake,”he explained.

Deep earthquakes are energetic, regular and”a very interesting performance in the form of plate tectonics—the kind of deep as we can see plate tectonics,”shirey said.

Just happened, over there of plate tectonics”is a very interesting planet,”he said.

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