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I’m on record as saying, like it or not, the future of the desktop is in the cloud. Or, at least, that’s my take on the Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop. However, will this really looks like what? Let me handle my Tarot cards, and tell you what I found.

The desktop service(DaaS)model really soon. Heck, it’s already here. Google your own education vertical. Sorry Apple you have your gun you lost. We also have noticed that more and more you will be displayed with the enterprise functions, such as full-size digital keyboard. These are the latest HP Laptop 15 and laptop do 715. These are for the accountants to use the services of the network, not the children work on their homework.

Some people tell me that Microsoft will never give up the traditional desktop operating system. Really? Just like it won’t be an alternative to make money Office with Office 365, right? Well, I hate to tell you, but these days Microsoft wants you buying Office 365 rather than Office 2019. Oh, and if you’re still running Windows 7, you will get the Office 365 security patches for years to come. As for the other versions of office, Microsoft said that if a”problem the result of a combination of office and an unsupported operating system(Windows 7 will after January 14, 2020), the problem will not get support.”

Yes, I think it’s pretty clear where Microsoft wants you to go.

First of all, this will be a commercial play. No surprise. Citrix has to make money from its virtual desktop line for many years. However, by 2025, Microsoft will push home users to it.

Consider. The service is more profitable for Microsoft products. When it comes to home users, what has been a major cost for Microsoft? Ding Ding Ding! That’s right: the technical support. So, how would you get along with processing it? All your most technically challenged users in a centralized control platform or half-a-dozen different independent version? I know which one I choose if I was a Microsoft bean counters.

People often tell me that DaaS will not happen, because it will never work in rural areas. However, leaving aside the fact that the Internet service provider must always be handed over to the National residents of the short end of the stick, things are changing, expanding broadband reach.

The Internet of 2020 will not be the one we have used in adolescents. Internet service providers are faced with a radical new wireless mode from the 5G and low Earth orbit(LEO)Internet service provider like Corn,OneWeb and projects Kuiper.

T-Mobile has deployed 600mhz spectrum 5G. It will never have crazy-fast promised Pie Day Wave, but it will provide 20Mbps broadband, most of the countries, which is more than fast enough for DaaS. If you need more, LEO the Isp will provide the 100Mbps-plus speeds.

What game? On the PC, they have become a niche market. Want to play the game? Microsoft will gladly sell you an Xbox. In addition, now Google is exploring high-speed game Stadium, we look forward to others following in its footsteps towards a game model that’s more about the flow.

If you want a traditional desktop, you really only have two choices: an expensive Mac or a Linux desktop. (How expensive is expensive? With Apple, the sky seems the limit. The way things are going,I don’t bet on Apple trying to sell us a $ 100 000 Mac Pro.)

I’m a big Linux fan—I used to run a website, called”Linux desktop”—but the Linux desktop has problems. The market is fragmented, no single company is a real advocate of Linux on the desktop. This may change. Specification of throwing more support behind its Ubuntu Linux desktop. And all of Linux on the desktop developers is to unite behind the Flatpak and buckle for Linux desktop application delivery.

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