Deontay Wilder weighs in at 231, the largest career; Tyson Fury’273 pounds of pure British beef’

Las Vegas-want to avoid a repeat of the pushing and shoving occurred between the heavyweight champion of the world Deontay Wilder and lineal champion Tyson Fury in their final prefight press conference on Wednesday, the Nevada State Athletic Commission authorization, the big man will not be allowed to face to the traditional photos after their weigh-in Friday.

Therefore, even if the combatants kept about 10 feet long stage, the cheerful crowd at the MGM Grand Garden Arena cheered and sang the Banquet expected, perhaps the biggest heavyweight championship fight since Lennox Lewis retained the title, his long-awaited showdown against Mike Tyson in 2002.

Angry and wild as the individual walked on the floor of the arena music and wild cheering of their fans in advance of the scale of severity of the expected re-match, but also in the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Saturday(ESPN-Fox said,9 p.m. ET).

The anger referred to in the first and one 273 pounds, the third heaviest of his career. He weighed 276 on his return from a 31-month layoff against Sefer Seferi on 2018 is the year 274 in the 2014 bout against Joey Abell.

Anger has been telling everyone who would listen he intended to measure about 270 pounds, the purpose of the use of the added bulk, the effort to go out instead of coming in closer to 256. 5 pounds of his weight for the first fight and use his superb skill and speed, so that he can Outbox Wilder long 14 months ago, although the German scored a knockdown in the ninth and 12th rounds, the anger some survived.

“I’ve held that weight for the last three months training camp,”said Fury, who will defend the lineal crown for the sixth time. “I’ve been in a brawl every day, every day workouts, so weight is not a problem–273 pounds of pure British beef. This is not a secret. I’m looking for a knockout of Deontay Wilder.”

Wilder is the heaviest of his career in a ripped 231 pounds. He has been because of the weight of the 229 is a two front fight, his first title defense against Eric Molina in 2015 and a 2012 victory over Simon Michael.

Wilder,who is 212. £ 5 first to fight with anger-because he was sick a few days ago round–underestimated his weight gain.

“At the end of the day, we are heavyweights, so it really doesn’t matter off the weight,”said Wilder, who will be making the 11th defense of his belt. “As you can see in my whole career, I have always been insufficient. I may be over my opponent maybe four times in my career. So I don’t really care about the weight. This just shows that I was in a better country and a better to remember the last time, I to pain.”

Wilder(42-0-1,41 KOs),34,Tuscaloosa of Alabama,also said that, in fact, angry(29-0-1, 20 KOs), 31, and 16.5 pounds heavier than their first fight no difference to him.

“I don’t worry about it. I always have to fight bigger guys,”Wilder said. “As long as the slow him down. To maintain my weight? I’m going to go rock it, swing, shake. I’m not worried about his weight. All I told him is not the blink of an eye. He nervous. Nervous energy, as always. That’s why he changed his camp.”

For the re-match, anger parted ways with training courses in Davison work with Javan”Sugar”Hill.

After Wilder and fury, go down the scale, they took position on opposite sides of the stage there are six NSAC inspectors on hand to ensure that they do not get too close to each other.

Although Wilder and Fury, who fought to an exciting and controversial split draw in December 2018 in Los Angeles, did not go nose to nose as the Warrior will usually be in one weighing, they are still in the next few minutes of instructions and yelling at it. At one point the anger go Wilder his middle finger and Wilder appears to respond, grabbing his crotch.

“I just can’t wait. I told him of the 24 hours we are just going to get the fans what they want to see,”Wilder said. “I’m just grateful for this time. I thank all the fans, the show, and I thank all of the fans will be there(Saturday)night to see a magnificent heavyweight title fight.”

Angry said,”all my fans are here! We are ready for war!”

In addition, the former heavyweight used titlist Charles Martin(27-2-1,24 KOs), a 33-year-old left-hander Battle of Las Vegas, weighed 254 pounds and former world title challenges Gerald Washington(20-3-1, 13 KOs), 37, of Vallejo, California, was 236 pounds for their title elimination fight, is the same provided in the pay-per-view.

Junior lightweight in the world used titlist Emmanuel Navarrete(30-1,26 KOs), 25, Mexico is on the division limit of 122 pounds for his fifth title defense, all nine months. The Challenger then Jeo Santisima(19-2, 16 KOs), 23, of the Philippines, who had won 17 fights in a row, and also 122 pounds.

Junior Middleweight Sebastian Fundora(13-0-1,9 KOs), 22, Coachella, California, is for 1. 535 pounds of the maximum 154-pound bout and Daniel Lewis(6-0, 4 KOs), 26, 2016, Australia Olympia, 153 pounds for their scheduled 10-reincarnation together, this will open the pay-per-view.

The Nevada Commission also published a formal contract wallet contest. Wilder and Fury is because of the $ 5 million, but each guaranteed to have at least $ 25 million plus the stock of pay-TV profits. Martin will get $ 250,000 Washington $ 275,000,Navarrete 300 000 dollars, can be accepted to $ 25,000, Fundora40 000 dollars and Lewis35 000 dollars.

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