Crusader Kings III’s ride to glory on 1 October

Today, we are very pleased to announce that we have set a release date Thirty word army of the King. The sequel to one of our most beloved strategy game will be available in September 1Xbox game by PC(Beta).

In CK3You guide a dynasty through centuries of war, romance and intrigue, always keeping one step ahead of the enemies, opponents and troublesome relatives. There are thousands of possible starting points, from the humble beginnings of a German count to the powerful African king, and no two games will ever play out the same.

In the seven months since we’ve announced Thirty word army of the KingWe’ve spent a lot of time talking about the many changes our game. New 3D portrait and enhance the character of DNA will bring you the family lifestyle you’ve never seen before. The map is more detailed and easy to understand. Our comprehensive tools, tips and information tag of the promise of an experience that is more approachable to the broader history fans. We have also been trying to improve the player immersed in a living, breathing medieval world.

However, we do not lose sight of the core experience of the Crusader Kings–this is a historical sandbox where you write a unique story that will entertain and maybe even light a creative spark. With the many new roles of interaction and the concept of the game, you will see numerous dramatic life play out before you try to keep your family grip on power.

We are very pleased to announce the end of the date, we are of the dynasty of the San, and look forward to sharing more with you in the coming months. Thirty word army of the King Will be available on 1Xbox game by PC(Beta).

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