Cristiano Ronaldo denied claims that he can leave Juve to join David Beckham’s new club room Miami

Cristiano Ronaldo the subject lashed out at the claim, he can leave Juve in the summer to join David Beckham’s new Richelle the side of The between the Miami.

The former Manchester United and England captain David Beckham said his club has a chance to sign Ronaldo and Barcelona’s Lionel Messi in the coming years.

Cristiano Ronaldo has denied claims that he can leave Juve


Cristiano Ronaldo has denied claims that he can leave Juve

But the Portuguese star has denied the claims and insisted that he is happy in Turin.

“I’m glad,’Ronaldo told Sky Sports.

“I’m at the best club in Italy, I play with the best players. I’m glad we won the trophy last year and this year, I hope to win.

“As an individual I am very pleased. I went to the Juve score goals and do my best and I’m very happy.”

35-year-old comments, insisting that David Beckham, he hopes to pry some of the best football players in the world for his club.

“Well, you know, we’ve got huge opportunity in Miami,”Beckham said on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy. Fallon last week three.

“We have contact with many different actors in a possible future to join our team.

“Like any owner, you really want the best players and if we have the opportunity to bring players like Cristiano or Leo,I have such admiration for them as athletes, if we can get these players in then great.”

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