Cov sports life update: the European Union confirmed Euro 2020 shift to 2021, all public Boxing shows in the UK cancelled and more

All the latest updates on how to Coronavirus outbreak affect the movement of…

  • Blaise Matuidi becomes the second Juventus player to test positive for the coronavirus
  • The European Union has been delayed in Europe by 2020, until the next summer
  • All the things to cancel, due to the coronavirus, including the Prime Minister of the Union, the English, the Golf club owner, Boxing and England cricket tours
  • French publication pushed back to September, but moved to just a week after we open
  • The British Boxing Council to cancel all publicly stated that until further notice, will be considered the battle behind closed doors
  • 2020 Grand National has been cancelled
  • In Rugby and Rugby League season was suspended
  • Liverpool set to be crowned Champions, Leeds and West Brom get promoted Premier League”program”appears
  • WWE confirmed the 36 personality is on April 5–but in the Performance Center has no fans
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