Coronavirus Live Updates: China Seeks Plasma Donors to Develop Treatment

Senior health officials in the Chinese city of Wuhan the center of the outbreak, has called on the residents to recover from the coronavirus in blood donation pulp, believe in their naturally occurring antibodies can be used to treat the patient is still sick.

Dr. Zhang Ding, Director of the gold and silver Tam hospital in Wuhan, he appeals last Thursday after Chinese researchers said they believe that such anti-therapy can help people recover from the virus.

Looking for a drug to treat or cure the virus has frustrated researchers for the infection rate and death toll continue to increase.

The government is currently opening a combination of antiviral drugs and traditional Chinese medicine. But last Thursday, China National Biotec Group, a state-owned company under the Ministry of Health says it found, given the round of a human antibody of the survivors more than 10 critically ill patients caused by the inflammation levels significantly decreased after 12 to 24 hours of treatment.

The company said the use of the plasma”the most effective method, which can greatly reduce the mortality of critically ill patients.”

  • Update. 10 2020

    • What is a Coronavirus?
      It is a new virus named after the crown-like spikes, protruding from its surface. Coronal virus may infect animals and humans and can cause a range of respiratory diseases from the common cold to more dangerous conditions, such as severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS.
    • How infectious virus?
      According to the preliminary research, it seems to be moderately contagious, similar to the severe acute respiratory syndrome and may be transmitted through the air. Scientists estimate that each infected person can spread it somewhere between 1. 5 and 3. 5 people there is no effective containment measures.
    • How worried should I be?
      And the virus is a serious public health problem of risk, most people outside of China still very low, the seasonal flu is a more immediate threat.
    • Who are working to contain the virus?
      World Health Organization officials praised China’s active response to the virus by shutting down transport, schools and markets. This week, a group of experts from the World Health Organization arrived in Beijing to provide assistance.
    • If I line?
      The United States and Australia was temporarily refused entry non-citizens, and he recently traveled to China and several airlines canceled flights.
    • How do I keep myself and others safe?
      Hand washing is usually the most important things you can do with stay at home when you’re sick.

Benjamin hood, Professor of epidemiology at the University of Hong Kong, said the use of antibodies to treat the CoV is”a good idea”and noted that it has been used in an influenza pandemic. But he cautioned that it must be demonstrated in a controlled trial.

“This is basically a transfer of the immunity of the patient has recovered the patient is still in the fight the infection, and then help them recover,”he said.

The numbers continue to rise, the government changed the standard, other track confirmed cases. China on Friday reported 5,090 new coronavirus cases and 121 of the new death before 24 hours.

Authorities said that a total of 63,851 people have been infected with the coronavirus, and at least satisfied 1380 people have already died from this disease. Most of the cases occurred in Hubei province, the center of the outbreak, which records 4,823 new cases and 116 deaths over the same period.

Tally Hubei jump the most notable on Thursday authorities to change diagnostic criteria for the calculation of the new situation. The government is now considering the case of diagnosis in the clinical setting, including the use of CT scanning, and not just those confirmed with a special test kit.

Japan said Friday that it will allocate approximately $ 96 million in emergency funds to help deal with the impact of the crisis of the Cov of the decision after the country confirmed its first death related to the disease.

The Japanese Cabinet approved a modest funding to strengthen countermeasures against the disease and to provide support to small and medium-sized businesses are struggling with low sales of a drop in Chinese visitors, the main source of tourism in Japan.

Japan has a lot of positive diagnosis of a Coronavirus in a foreign country. It has been in the efforts to deal with the management of 3,more than 700 people exposed to the disease, while on Board the Diamond Princess, a ship that is currently under quarantine in Yokohama.

Hundreds of people have tested positive for the disorder, and taken off ships and transported to the hospital, although many remained in isolation on the ship, where they expected to stay until the end of the quarantine period on February 19.

The Cabinet decided to approve the emergency funds after the death of a woman in her 80s in Japan, Kanagawa Prefecture, and announced cases, do not appear directly linked to the cruise ship or personnel recently traveled to China.

Friday morning, authorities said they have confirmed a new case: a man in the 70’s he in the song Mountain County people got the treatment of a doctor, he himself had contracted the coronavirus.

The United States said on Friday that it will approve humanitarian aid to North Korea in fear of international aid agencies, the poor country may be hiding a Coronavirus outbreak.

North Korea has reported no cases of the coronavirus. However, in the past week, there are some unconfirmed news reports in South Korea have warned of possible virus-related deaths in the North. North Korea shares a 930-mile border with China the source of the outbreak.

North Korea has taken positive steps to keep the Cov of the country, including the suspension of all flights and trains to and from the country. But North Korea-United States border has long been porous to smugglers.

North Korea’s public health system is dysfunctional, as well as travel restrictions make it more difficult for the North to purchase or smuggling of drugs, goods and other supplies from China. Relief organizations have complained that U.S.-led United Nations sanctions have to stop them providing assistance.

This week, the Red Cross called for a sanctions waiver that allows it to transfer funds to its office in North Korea, saying it is”life-saving intervention.” The United States says it will not impede such assistance.

“The United States is deeply concerned about the vulnerability of the Korean people of a Coronavirus outbreak,”Morgan Ortagus, a spokesman for the U.S. State Department, said period of five.

Reports and studies of the contribution of the Sui-Lee Wee, Amber King, Zoe MOU, Albi Zhang Yiwei Wang, Claire rich,Miriam Jordan and Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs.

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