Congratulations, Dem: you just let us ACE of the primary henchmen unhooked


Attorney General William Barr needs to take the oath before he testified before the House Judiciary Committee hearing in the Congressional Auditorium at the US Capitol Visitors Center on July 28, 2020. (Chip Somodevilla/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Attorney General William Barr had ignored the summons, requiring his testimony before Congress and not be held in contempt of Congress ignore these summons. But yesterday, bar the final sit down before the House Judiciary Committee to provide live testimony under oath.

If you see a lot of congressional hearings(and congratulations to those that do not), things will probably strike you is how quickly this long-awaited event went back to the familiar melodrama of many other congressional hearings.

Democrats, who control the Judiciary Committee, by a soaring speech about the rule of law, and Rose a few questions in the end. Republicans do Craven to speak, in the hope of a President to forward. And Barr’s answer what questions he liked, ignored the question of what he does not like, generally stagnant or confused in a short time, on behalf of stop speechifying long enough for him to say anything.

It is Congress Theatre in its pure form, with all parties(Democrats, Republicans and Barr)trying to this is your”points”to some non-existent scorekeeper. Free Twitter outbreaks have commended the special profound speech from the Democratic Party. White wing Twitter Pleased, each Representative Jim Jordan speed it comes to a Republican conspiracy theory of history. Cable news auspices of the level of effectiveness of the special representative. The only thing missing is Jeff Probst handed the immunity idol to the participants.

I found the whole display disgusting. We are in the fight to protect our democratic dictatorship of the beast people think that rule of law does not apply to them. Barr is one of the major brutes. He finally was forced to sit down and prove that he brutishness oath. However, this five-hour episode of”the big apparent lies”for all the elected representatives of a democracy, he wants to destroy him? The same everyone-gets-to-play format, the witnesses have been so easily conquered in the past? The same political speech? The same quarrel with a screen of the Time Lords ordered it to put it to hold the conch?

Bal is directly responsible for the organization of a pardon or commutation of sentence for the Trump of political friends, and planning revenge for previous ACE contact Michael Cohen, who is the final cleaning. He is directly responsible for the teargassing peaceful protesters outside the White House so the President can have a photo of cooperatives. He is directly responsible for the launch of a Prosecutor may have in the investigation of crimes committed by the Trump family. Barr lied about the Mueller report, and continue to spread lies and misinformation about Russian interference in the election, the postal vote, and the government’s attempts to suppress the black vote. He is currently leading the investigation, Trump’s political opponents, and, as a close confidant of the President, may have first-hand knowledge about whether the win has any plans to use Federal troops or stealing elections or hold on to power after he lost. At this point, there is even one crime and abuse of power committed by this administration no in-depth relates to Bill Barr.

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