Colorado kindergarten teacher faces possible firing for alleged comments about students with special needs

Colorado kindergarten teacher faces being fired after claiming that”despicable”comments about the special needs of the child to appear in social media.

Westminster Public School District will dismiss the fees for teachers employed at Skyline Vista Elementary School, to the Board of Education last Tuesday, spokesman Steve Saunders told USA TODAY.

“There is no evidence to be presented. This is just the beginning the dismissal process,”Sanders said of the e-mail declared.

The teacher, who in the United States today is not determined, because no action has not been taken against him, denied writing the comments, and said his account stolen, the television video to the mobile device reports.

His comments section, allegedly said:”I’m tired of hearing about the special needs of the child. They’ll be fine. They are mentally before Covid they can still delay after.”

Westminster Public School principal Bo Pamela Swanson called his comments”despicable”and”horrible”in a video statement released Monday on YouTube.

“These[comments]in any way or form how this is reflected in many of the dedicated teachers and staff feel at Westminster Public School. It just does not prove that our philosophy or our values,”Dr. Swanson said.

Screenshots of the teacher now-deleted comments posted on the Facebook page.

The defamatory comments posted on the Facebook page, parents and teachers to discuss educational issues and policies in Denver Public Schools.

The teacher is employed at Westminster Public School District in 1999, according to Sanders.

This article originally appeared in USA Today: the Westminster kindergarten teacher of students with disabilities reviews

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