Cod volunteers race to the rescue 45 Dolphin trapped on the beach

A volunteer group to work on the weekends to save 45 Dolphin stranded on a beach in Cape Cod,Mass. In the local is referred to as the gut.

About 50 volunteers with the International Fund for animal welfare responded around 7 a.m. Sunday to the beach in WELLFLEET after Port officials discovered the struggling marine mammal, the Cape Cod Times reports.

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Many of the Dolphins are already sunburned and overheating in the time of the organization’s Marine Mammal Rescue and research team came, Stacey Hedman, management and the Yarmouth group told the paper.

Although it is unclear how the dozens of dolphins have chain, she said, it seems to happen sometime overnight as the tides change.

“It is a sad scene to see they are dehydrated, unable to swim,”Hedman said.

She said the team of volunteers use of beach-ready a stretcher for nearly a dozen Dolphin safe. They returned to the Dolphins four liquid and vitamins and deployment of the vessels to guide them back to deeper waters.

Two dolphins, however, the poor health and eventual euthanasia, Hedman said.

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The organization said that the task force looking for Monday to ensure that the Dolphins must not be stranded again in the Cape Town beaches.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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