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Oh, Emily, I feel you on this.
My father died of cancer on Father’s day a few years ago(real funny, dad!) Every year when advertising on a slope I get sad. There is a particularly painful one holiday everyone is celebrating, bring up difficult feelings for you personally.
My advice, it may be too soon, this year, is this: lean into your feelings for your loved one. In other words, embrace your sadness. This includes allowing the nest, Cry, Walk, look at pictures, and eat things they would like or stay in your pajamas and rewatch it the Great British BakeOff and do nothing.
Last year I made chicken and dumplings for my family…not the usual meal for us, but it is fun to honor my dad that way.
Also talking to a friend, he has a lost a parent is very helpful. Especially if it is personal, you can cry and laugh. Grief is surprising as you may find yourself hysterically laughing, and then crying the next minute. Let you and your husband feel your feelings.
Send the likes of you and your husband and family. Go easy yourself. Also, you are allowed to ignore this holiday!

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