China strangles Hong Kong, its world city

We now may be looking at one of the famous cities of the world through such a demise, loss of status, feels both sudden and long.

For decades, the Hong Kong style itself as Asia’s leading metropolis, a bustling former British colony in the center of the African continent’s trade and logistics network and the main international gateway to the China market. Foreigners dance into Hong Kong, if it is a simulation of the London or New York City. Local Hong Kong people to exercise Civil Liberties unthinkable on the other side of the border of the continent.

However, these freedoms seem to be under constant threat since the British handed over Hong Kong is China’s authoritarian regime in 1997. Mobile, large and small, by local authorities and their masters in Beijing, suppression of the Hong Kong Special free repeat trigger two rounds of protests, including the wave of protests paralyzed the city last year. Then, in one fell swoop, the Chinese fall of the hammer.

In what the Economist called”one of the biggest attack on a free society since the Second World War,”China implemented a sweeping new national security law to Hong Kong at midnight Tuesday. “Overnight, Hong Kong 7. 5 million residents were put in the same speech restrictions as mainland China, a possible life imprisonment to those found guilty of inciting Subversion of the national regime of standard charges to jail dissidents and human rights activists in the United States,”my colleagues report.

To many observers, the act marked the final end of an era. This is the latest and perhaps the most powerful demonstrations of the harsh grip of the President of the state of learning, he has narrowed the space for civil society in the whole of China, steadily pressing political dissidents in Hong Kong and the establishment of an anti-utopia of the large-scale detention camp for persecution of ethnic minorities in the far Western region of Xinjiang on.

“Hong Kong is a great world city, rather than a remote area such as Xinjiang. But the government of learning is now clearly determined to take it performed,”wrote the editorial Board of the Financial Times. “The formula of’one country, two systems’applicable to Hong Kong since 1997, the sacred international agreement seems in effect to be a little stressed out by the way of national security legislation prepared and implemented by Beijing, without any participation of the Hong Kong government or legislative bodies.”

Thousands of Hong Kong people still took to the streets in a show of defiance this week. Hundreds of people were arrested. The fear is that a wide range of new legal it apparently also extends to the habitat of a foreign legal jurisdiction—can break the epidemic of the future stand against Beijing.

This week’s events can be interpreted as”a bloodless version of the”country of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, Steve was the historian, Hong Kong at London’s School of Oriental and African Studies, told The Atlantic. “People tend to focus on the killing[in Tiananmen Square], but killing is a tool,”he said. “Its purpose is to intimidate and terrorize people, so that people don’t even think[the protest] it.”

Chinese officials seem to be indifferent to the torrent of Western criticism and sanctions coming their way. “The era of China cares about what others want to see someone else is in the past, never to return,”Zhang Xiaoming, the Executive Director, Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office, told reporters.

Nor do they seem to be very troubled by the news this week of a host of foreign governments including Australia, Taiwan, the United States and, most importantly, the UK is considering a fast track permit may be millions of Hong Kong refugees seek exit from their home city. This outflow can take the same flight of Western capital and companies, especially if the United States decided to abolish its special trade relationship with the territory, as the President of Donald Trump has promised to do.

“A choice between death quietly without the attention of the world, or dying with dignity to the world’s attention, and at the same time creating the opportunity to cause some destruction of the people who killed Hong Kong,”Hu Feng Hung, Professor of political economy at Johns Hopkins University told Quartz.

“Hong Kong people continue to show the ability to defy impossible odds and create beauty even in the harshest of settings,”writes Jeffrey Wasserstrom, the author of”vigil in Hong Kong on a dangerous edge.” However, he laments the nihilism of the spread era.

“I am filled with sadness,”he wrote,”and find it difficult to see anything but the darkness of the future city.”

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