California first state to sue the trump card of the government in the new international student visa rules

California became the first state to sue the ACE management more than a new visa requirement that international students must leave the United States if all of their courses are online, state Prosecutor Xavier Becerra announced Thursday.

The lawsuit, which is supported by the California State University(CSU)and California Community College officials, asking it to unfairly prejudice international students, and made”their own, teachers, students and the community at huge risk and the spread of coronavirus-or be subject to deportation.”

“The shame of the ACE risk management, not only educational opportunities for the students to get the opportunity to go to College, but now their health and well-being as well as the”Becerra said in a statement. “Not on our watch…today’s proceedings dependent on the United States the lasting principle that everyone work hard and play by the rules can earn a chance to be successful. We will see wins in administrative court.”

The CSU plan is primarily held online courses is declining, due to the virus, the Los Angeles Times report.

Governor Timothy White called the policy”callous and inflexible,”increase it places thousands of international students into the”extremely difficult position,”the Times reports.

Collins urged the demographic and health surveys to’immediately withdraw’the new ICE policy on foreign students are warned that long-term lasting harm’

Under the new policy, F-1 and M-1 visa holders”must leave the country, or to take other measures, such as a transfer to the school with the personal instruction is still in lawful status,”immigration and Customs Enforcement Bureau said in a statement, according to NBC News.

Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, letter of the agent of National Security Secretary Chad Wolf, called for the extension of the exemption through the ice in March through the end of the 2020-2021 school year. Ice immunity, allowing international students with F-1 visa to attend online courses at the same time to retain their visa status.

“The exemption of the work, and should be extended,”Collins wrote. “Terminate on short notice is particularly disturbing to the student and Exchange Visitor Program(SEVP)new guidelines require colleges and universities to certify by July 15—just one week from now—whether or not the fall semester course will be offered online, in person only, or use a mixed mode.”

The rule also will hurt the College has been struggling financially in since the outbreak, many universities rely on international student tuition. California has more students visa international than any other country, NBC reported.

“In addition, the cruel, the defendant attempt at a policy change for the use of force people to learn a pandemic is ridiculous and the essence of arbitrary and capricious acts, violation of the Administrative Procedure Act,”the appropriate to say, according to the Times.

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The proceedings seek an injunction preventing the policy and the separate University of California plans to seek a restraining order.

Becerra said it is the 86 lawsuit, he had raised against the government.

Fox News’Brooke Singman contributed to this report.

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