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Cov of the crisis China Disturbed state of the stock market. The CSI The index decreased by 8% in one day, the worst performance since August, 2015 before rebound. As an emergency measure, China’s Central Bank injected extra gold flowing into the financial system, the largest such day of the intervention, since 2004, cuts in some rates. Macau, off the casino for a period of two weeks. See Article.

China is the key Supply chain Many manufacturers around the world, but the interrupt from the Cov of the blockade, has been the most serious motive industry. Hyundai stopped the production plant, in South Korea, because it can not get the parts from China. Many foreign automotive manufacturers in China to show the Chinese New Year break and keep their factories closed.

To maintain its commitment in the”first stage”of trade agreements with the United States, the Chinese government said it would cut Tariffs At$75bn worth of U.S. exports. Some people say that the published time to cheer the market. China also committed to make an extensive purchase of U.S. goods next stage, but this may be difficult among the Coronavirus outbreak.

The The price of oil Fell sharply, partly because of demand from China’s industrial and International Airlines is expected to decline, because of the Wu virus. OPEC And Russia met to discuss the emergency cut output to shore the price. BP Said the outbreak may reduce the projected global growth in oil demand this year of up to 40%.

Along with other international energy companies, BP Report a trap in annual income. The company’s profit of the title, hurt by lower oil prices declined by a fifth by 2019, up to 10bn. Still, BP Raised its shareholder dividend and said it has completed a repurchase program. This is Bob Dudley’s last earnings report as chief Executive before handing the reins to Bernard Rooney.


Tesla The share price crashed 17% last month to 5 November, the end of a significant rally. The company added more than 40 million, of its value in two trading days, its market value of about$160bn;Ford, Yes the value is less than$40 billion market. However, will the rally resume? Please refer to the article.

The British government proposed a target, the ban on new diesel vehicles, hybrid gasoline vehicles from 2040 to 2035. The The automotive industry Bashing the program will not work. SMMTOne industry, accusing the government of moving the goal posts, and noted that, although the new plug-in model came to the market the overall demand for”expensive technology”still constitutes a”part of sales”. The government is unable to provide more detailed cost implications to the industry or the taxpayer, simply to say that it will result in the”net section”.

Aston Martin Agree a rescue deal proposed by a coalition led by Lawrence Stroll, the Canadian businessman. According to the Protocol of the struggling British sports-car manufacturer will receive a capital injection and issue new shares. Mr. Wander is a Formula One racing team will be renamed with the Aston Martin name.

Disney+ Now already 28. 6m subscribers, according to Robert Iger, Disney’s Chief Executive Officer. That’s well above market expectations, less than three months after the streaming service launched. The cost of rolling out Disney+has weakened profits. Although revenue grew by 36% in the last three months of 2019, compared with the same quarter of the prior year, Disney’s net income fell 23 per cent.

Tony Fernandez stepped aside as chief Executive AirAsia For at least two months after the Malaysia Airlines is to contact a investigation involving bribery Airbus. Airbus recently with the UK’s Serious Fraud Office and regulators in other countries RMB 4bn. Mr. Fernandez, a passionate entrepreneur, who also owns Queens Park Rangers, London Football Club bought in 2001 to 1 ringgit(26 cents)with his business partner, Kamarudin Meranun, he still stood as Asian Aviation Chairman. The men deny wrongdoing.

The The U.S. economy Grew by 2. 3%last year. This is the slowest pace since 2016, but around the average annual level since the global financial crisis of 2007-09. Preliminary estimates found that The Eurozone GDP Increased by 1. 2%, in 2019, the weakest rate since 2013. Please refer to the article.


This is a furry periphery of the razor industry, such as the United States Federal Trade Commission launched a bid to block the proposed acquisition of HarryAn online supplier of shaving gear, by EdgewellWith the Schick and Wilkinson Sword brands. The The United States Federal Trade Commission Described Harry as a”unique destructive competitors in the wet shave market”, breaking the duopoly of Edgewell and the Procter & Gamble Company the Gillette. Harry the co-founder of the wool decision; they believe that the procurement should continue to move forward.

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