Buffalo officers quit special team after 2 officers suspended for allegedly shoving 75-year-old to ground

The investigation is being carried out to protest the event. Andrew Cuomo called”completely unreasonable and completely shameful.” The man was seriously injured.

Video presentation on Thursday, shows a row of the staff towards the man and the two push him. His head is bleeding onto the sidewalk as the officer went over, he said, some looked at him.

The protesters in Niagara Square, like those in the country, known as the racial justice after the killing of Floyd George*in Minneapolis, the police detained.

57 officer’s resignation from the emergency unit, but not from the force. Buffalo Mayor’s office told the cable news network of 57 members, resigned from the unit into the the entire activities of the Emergency Response Team.

Several members of the unit, is currently not included in the 57 resignation, according to the mayor’s office.

“The General Assembly, Fifty-seventh resigned in disgust, because the processing of two of their members, they just execute the command,”Buffalo Police Benevolent Association President John Evans told WGRZ last week five. WKBW also reported the news of the resignation.

The man’s identity, Martin Gooch Norman, confirmed the Como office. Gucci is hospitalized in serious but stable condition, authorities said.

A lawyer representing Gucci Connaught issued a statement, saying Gucci is the”alert and oriented”, and describes him as a long-term peace protesters and human rights advocates.

“Gucci Mr. Jean’s request, the privacy for himself and his family for his recovery,”said Kelly V. Zarone. “He appreciates all the good wishes he has received and to request any further protests continue to be peaceful.”

Megan Toufexis,Gucci’s daughters, told CNN that her father participated in the protest, on Thursday to discuss First Amendment rights and the police.

Protests in the city lasted into the night Friday.

Buffalo mayor said, officials should be subject to appropriate procedures

Mayor Byron Brown said he hoped the two suspended officers get due process. “I’m not calling them to be fired.”

Say the victims, the mayor said,”he was asked to leave numerous times last night.”

The police believe that it is important to clear the area before the fight broke out among the protesters, said the mayor. He stressed that the Directive from the police managers is to be careful, to protect residents and use common sense.

In response to questions about the Emergency Response Team, Brown said, the city has a contingency plan. “Buffalo will be safe this weekend,”he said. “We have a contingency plan, we always have a contingency plan.”

CNN has reached the police and the Union further comment. New York State Police say they send more officers to the city following the resignation.

According to the site of the protest update
The protesters in Niagara Square, like those in the country, known as the racial justice after the killing of Floyd George*in Minneapolis, the police detained.

Based on the initial video, the police issued a statement, saying Gucci Enoch tripped, police spokesman Mike DeGeorge told CNN.

After more video became available of the police to amend the statement, Buffalo Police Commissioner Byron Lockwood suspension of staff without pay, and expand the investigation, he said.

“The Department acted quickly”and”correct”information, DeGeorge said.

Brown called the incident”disheartening”and said his thoughts and Gucci Novo.

The Prosecutor is investigating, the Erie County District Attorney’s office tweeted.

Gucci Novo A head injury is not possible to give a statement to investigators Thursday night, in a tweet said.

Como said the officers should be dismissed and prosecutors should be”fair but soon.”

“When I saw the video, I’m sick, my stomach,”Como said. “I would like to encourage the district attorney does not do what happened in Minneapolis, which delay itself caused problems,”the Governor said,”people don’t want to vaguery. They are not happy and want answers.”

Morning Twitter, he said,”this incident is completely unreasonable and completely shameful. …Police officers must enforce–not abuse–law.”

Como said, he talked about Gucci Novo.

“Thankfully he’s alive,”Como said on Friday, in his daily news conference in Albany. “You see that video, and disrupt the basic sense of dignity and humanity.”

Como also called the attack of the police officers said,”You have the police get with a brick hit on the head. Who are we?”

CNN’s Steve he and Laura Dolan contributed to this report.

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