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When Howard first had an idea, she likes the records directly to her laptop. “Lovers of shit to stop me from working quickly, because I have put everything in”, she said. “I would say my third thought is usually that I throw up, because I Trying to Write.” She wrote”Georgia,”her favorite song”Jaime,”while eating a sandwich and reading an article about the experimental R&B musician Georgia Anne Muldrow:”this song is not To She, or On Her, but I’m like, Man, I hope Georgia will be with my work!’ So I’m around the house go,’I just want to Georgia/to notice me.’ “Howard is aware that online is actually a chorus, choked the sandwich down. “I hear everything is so sudden, the most important is time,”she said.

Howard part of the”Jaime”in a rented house in Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles. This past month, she returned to Los Angeles”history repeating,”the one from the book, has been nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance and best rock song, and at the ceremony, Howard will be accompanying Alicia Keys, who is hosting, on the guitar. Howard rented a four-storey glass and concrete house in Beverly Hills. One afternoon, she showed me around the place. The toilet in the master bathroom to answer voice commands. “Hello, toilet!” She yelled when we go. Cover and allow to look forward to. The house was built of the edge of the cliff, and a steep stone path through a bamboo forest to a pond and a small boathouse. A pair of plastic room chair sitting in the pool.

“When I was in Los Angeles, man, I need a pool,”Howard said. She lit a cigarette, we open the first one hundred million cans of claw of white, flavored wine soda. I never had a before. “I want to tell you one thing about them,”she said. Her voice becomes serious. “They’ll sneak up on your ass!”

Howard was wearing black panties slide sandals, green T-shirt, black grid button. A Golden Libra badge hanging on a long chain around the neck. Howard has several tattoos, including two fine black line, extending from the outside corner of her left eye towards her ear. Most of the celebrities of the right to a radical transparency, but Howard actually seems to be constitutionally incapable of bullshit. She laughs heartily, if anyone, including her own,say something dishonest. “I’m an open book,”she told me, flicking ash into an empty claw can.

Howard was born on October 2,1988, in Athens, Alabama, a city of some twenty million people, about halfway between Nashville and Birmingham. During the civil war, Athens was briefly occupied by Union troops, and Colonel John Basil Stuart piano to his army implied permission to ransack the area, tell them,”I close my eyes for two hours, I see nothing.” Less than a century later, Athens was born, not black, founder neo-Nazi website Stormfront, and a former large lead the three k party. Originally a cotton town, it became a railway town. In 1974, the Tennessee Valley Authority opened the Brown the ship’s nuclear power plant, one of the largest nuclear power plants around the world, in the immediate vicinity. “I grew up swimming behind a plant, Man,”Howard said. “We are not.”

Howard’s parents—her father is black and her mother is white—met in high school, in the neighborhood of Tanner. They are pregnant with Howard’s sister, Jaime, he was born in 1985, married a few years later. As a child, Howard has a hard time getting friends to come over. “One, my parents are a different race couple,” she explained. “Two, I live in a garbage dump.” Howard’s father in addition to old car parts, and her family set up a trailer on the property. “My dad lied to his whole life,”she said. “He is a black man, he can’t really go to College. He’s really charming and good at talking to people, so he went into the car sales business.” She describes her mother as”very pastoral. She grew up on a farm. So in our trailer grass and animals. And then around. . . The garbage field.”

Both Howard and Jaime born with retinoblastoma, a rare cancer that can lead to blindness;Howard only partial vision in her left eye. When James was eleven, she became serious ill-treatment. “She woke up one day, she can’t see,”Howard said. “This is the hospital, until it becomes worse, worse and worse. Then this is the hospice. And then it was over.” Howard was eight when James died. Her parents divorced shortly after. “I got shipped around a lot of family members, because my parents don’t want me to see what is going on,”she said.

Howard is the trauma of her sister’s death:”I want to see people just be themselves, and think, what the fuck is That Like it? I’m here to panic.” Blunt her pain, and Howard ate. “In my family, especially on my father side everyone are overweight. I’m getting away from it for a long time,”she said. “When I first started to explore the shock, we get the tour and I will be eating something. I remember waking up to the Hades of the bag, and are, brothers, enough. This is not O. K.'”

She has no intention forswore the intimate relationship. “Everyone on the outside said, You’re a singer in a band, you’re gregarious, you really charming, but in my head I was thinking, No, I was a fat wad. No, no one wants to and I together.” In the title track”sound and color,”Howard sings,”I want to touch somebody I want to go back to sleep.” Her voice sounded high and thin. In the end, it fragments with the cravings.

Howard came out when she was in her twenties, following a period of serious self-questioning. She had not met many openly gay people growing up. “When I lived in Athens gay looks a certain way, and I don’t look like them”, she said. “Then, when I go to the city, I, Oh! In fact, there is no take a look.’ They Happy. Gay people where I’m from is very sad and sad.” Howard told her parents about her gender, a few years ago. At first, her mom didn’t know what to do. “And then she realized, Well, I have a daughter left, I will not abandon her,”Howard said. “My dad did not make a shit. He didn’t care.”

A few years ago, Howard met with musician and writer Jesse Lafser through mutual friends in Nashville. They began to play together in the folk rock band called the Bermuda triangle-shape. “I went to the fucking doctor, when I first met Jesse,”Howard said with a smile. “My palms are sweating, and my heart won’t stop beating quickly. I panicked. My stomach flip. I think I have diabetes. The doctor is like, you good.’ Then one of my friends, like you are love!’ “She and Lafser married last year, the outer Tao:”we are sitting in a restaurant we always go to, I was like, Oh, they do weddings! Should we get married?’ So we got married on a mountain, next to a stream.”

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