Bless the release of the PC players won’t have any”advantages”

After the successful launch of one back in March, the free to play bless the release is due to arrive on PC in 2021. Although the PC is the platform, more easy to related to online games of structure, the development of Round8 of the chamber has been clear that everyone gets the same experience regardless of platform.

“They are equally important, we have no intention or plan to transfer our attention to one or the other,”Koven Park, the development of the cause of blessed release, tell us. “Because the game itself is the same with these two platforms, players do not need to worry about this platform will have an advantage’.”

Park explained that the group’s focus is on making the game sustainable for as long as possible, they are actively taking feedback from players to ensure that they are in”covered every corner, pushing ourselves to”make the computer to initiate a successful. Instead of this, Park8 chamber are the positive aspects to have an open, effective and repeated of society, believe that as a cornerstone, holding the kind of blessed release runs smoothly.

Bless the release of is to restart the Bless Online, the Korean fantasy developed and released the new tour Network Technology game lasts a year, from May 2018 to 2019. Namco Bandai to release this iteration. The closed beta from last year on the Xbox properly before launch the system in March of this year.

Bless the launch is expected to publish the computer as early as 2021. Park said that a closed test version of the computer will occur”as soon as we are ready”. Keep an eye on the Steam page. We have a bunch of the better free PC game and Best Animation game you can take a look, too.

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