‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’ gets its first totally radical trailer


When we last left Bill S. Preston,”gentlemen”and”Ted”Theodore Logan in 1991, things seem to be very large. They will correct the error, save the day, and seems to be well on their way to making music, they know that since time travel will one day unite all people in peace and harmony.

Well, that day apparently never comes.

This trailer Bill and Ted Face the music Represent our future in which two groups of friends and…start doing very little. Their music and no beauty, a floating, robed Council of the future the people are not happy. So the two hatch a plan: reduce about the future steal their human solidarity music from their own.

Will it work? Probably not. But it’s a safe bet that things will turn out just now these guys anyway when Bill and Ted Face the music Life theater”this summer.”

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