Bill Pullman invokes ‘Independence Day’ in a pro-masks PSA


Bill Mann wants you to wear your mask on the epidemic of disasters Fourth of July. Call them”freedom of the mask”if this makes it easier pills to swallow. It is very accurate, even! If there are enough people wearing masks, we can beat this pandemic, we can enjoy some of our fundamental freedoms.

Many Americans in the year 2020, Bill Mann is the only President of the United States awareness of the value of on July 4. In the 1996 Roland Emmerich blockbuster Independence DayPullman’s fictional President Thomas Whitmore delivered a stirring speech in a global catastrophe, and it could be argued that his inspiring words are part of the reason the people of Earth won’t one day.

This leadership simply does not exist in the real United States by 2020, with a President who refused to wear a mask of his own and he seems to think that a global pandemic is just going to magically disappear. (It won’t.) So we have this public service announcement Pullman, created in Da-Rich House held at the Alamo theater chain.

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