Biden has the edge of the ACE, by the year 2020 the battlefield, but there is a problem

Just over six months to the November General election, new polls in crucial States will decide the presidential race, giving Democratic Challenger Joe Biden turned to the President of ACE.

But looks can be deceiving.

Former Vice President and presumptive Democratic nominee enjoys a 8 point lead to the Republican incumbent of the White House New Fox News polling in Michigan and Pennsylvania. These two countries-and Wisconsin–don’t be part of a quarter of a century the blue wall, ACE painted red, four years ago, to help him upset the 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to win the White House.

The latest 2020 poll from Fox News

And Joe Biden also have lower units of the edge of the President in the new survey, by Fox News and Quinnipiac University in Florida, the largest battleground state in the presidential campaign. President Barack Obama narrowly captured the Sunshine State in 2008 and 2012 elections, but the King edge Clinton 1. 2%, to achieve a win-win for the state’s 29 electoral voters four years ago.

Biden campaign pollsters John Anzalone took to Twitter on Friday morning stressed the Florida vote.

However, rewind four years, almost all of the investigation at this time in the 2016 election cycle, many of these key States shows, the Clinton king-some by even more.

Clinton is the future ACE for 10 points in Michigan, in the Real Clear Politics average in this period of time in 2016 and by nearly 5 points in Florida. Average Joe Biden lead in these countries today is 5. 5 points and 3. 2 points, respectively.

“Don’t get all twisted save this current vote, because it’s really not all that different from what we saw four years ago with Hillary Trump showdown. So six months, it is difficult to take it all seriously,”the old GOP polls people Neil Newhouse told Fox News.

Clinton led Trump almost every Michigan poll from spring right on the eve of the December elections. And her blade the king by 3. 6 points in the final Real Clear Politics average of polls in the state. This is a similar story in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, where Clinton is the future ACE of the 6. 5%in the final Real Clear Politics average.

Florida is a different story–the final tightening until the two standard bearers are essentially tied heading into Election Day 2016.

Recent from Fox News in the 2020 presidential campaign

Newhouse–who is Romney in the polls in the 2012 presidential campaign noted that the current vote is a serious impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Since the Cov of the situation and focus on the ACE, because he is not his daily news conference, these numbers reflect what we do not want this game is that this is a referendum on Donald Trump. This is to all of this, because the real Joe Biden doesn’t already exist to say to me,”he emphasized.

Newhouse admitted,”in a referendum, now in the Donald Trump–as we see in the 2018 midterm elections–we don’t score okay.”

But he predicted,”when we get towards the other side of this and we get back to the campaign mode and voters begin to focus on the choice between the Trump and Biden, then I think we will be in a better state.”

Chris Anderson–a longtime Boston-based poll who is a democratic partner in Fox News to vote and members of the Fox News election decision Team said it depends on the”degree of corona virus is still the dominant issue in the fall,”public opinion on the President’s handling of the crisis”may result in considerable liability.”

Although the presidential elections, the incumbent running for a second term normal referendum on the President and his record, Newhouse pointed to the 2012 showdown and much attention,”it’s not always about the incumbent.”

“Look at Obama, no to Romney,”he noted, referring to the massive efforts by Democrats to define the GOP nominee.

He predicted a similar push by the ACE movement and its allies, the definition of Joe Biden, he said”the ACE of the exercise is to force, they will be able to make this case.”

Biden, ACE, beam on the WHO is more stringent in the international Cov-crisis

However, Anderson did not agree, he said, the President, in the style of”the cries of everything is all about him.”

“I have not seen any public health experts are optimistic that coronavirus is not a major issue through the fall, so I think it will be a real challenge to ACE, so that it all related to any other coronavirus,”he stressed. “The way he has Management and leadership contributed to his negative more than a certain degree is not the same with Obama.”

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