Biden condemned the riots over George Freud’s death, called for an end to the’unnecessary damage’

Before Vice President Joe Biden called the protests should die George Floyd”is totally American,”but condemns the”unnecessary destruction”and violence erupted in the country last Saturday night.

Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate, said the protests and riots erupted across the country over the past few days”have been exposed, we are a nation of anger at injustice.”

The National Guard live in nearly a dozen States across the country

“Every person of conscience, can be understood of half-baked traumatized people of color experience in this country, from the daily humiliation of the extreme violence, such as terrorist killing of George Freud,”Biden said in a statement.

“In protest of this violence is correct and necessary. This is a totally American reaction,”he said. “However, burned communities, and the unnecessary destruction is not. Acts of violence threatening the life is not. Violence, guts and blinds businesses for Social Services is not.”

He added:”the acts of protest should not be allowed to cover our protest. It should not drive people away form the Justice of the cause, that protest is in order to advance.”

Biden acknowledged that”we are a nation in pain”, but urged the Americans to use that pain”to force our country in this turbulent threshold into the next stage of progress, inclusion and opportunity for our great democracy.”

“We are a nation of suffering, but we cannot allow this pain to destroy us,”he said. “We are a nation of angry, but we cannot allow our anger to consume us.”

He added:”We are a state of exhaustion, but we will not allow our exhaustion to defeat us.”

Another night of riots erupted in us as protesters, police clash

“Only by standing together will we rise stronger than before,”Biden continued. “More equal, more just, more hopeful, and closer to our more perfect Union.”

Biden’s comments on the occasion, the protests and riots erupted across the country after Freud died in the Minneapolis police detention.

Employees at a grocery store called the police and accused Freud of trying to pass counterfeit $ 20 bills. Floyd, who is black, and then arrested, handcuffed, by Officer Derek Shaw, he is white, and is pushed to the ground.

Shaw and three other members were dismissed on Tuesday, with Freud’s death, and then Shaw was arrested Friday on murder and manslaughter charges.

TRUMP vowed to STOB’mob violence’of the riots by George Freud’s death

A cell phone video shows Freud’s head turned to the side, he does not seem to be resistance. Shaw had his knees pressed to the back of Floyd’s neck a good few minutes for Freud is seen gasping for air and begging for the sand to stop. He did not have. Bystanders said they heard shouting Xiao took his knee off of Pink Floyd’s neck.

Floyd,46,died in police custody Monday night.

The sand charged Friday, the third such murder and manslaughter in Minnesota.

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