Babu Rai’black life Problem Solution car from the Martinsville race can now be ordered online

NASCAR driver Bubba Knight ran special Black Lives Matter the paint scheme at Martinsville Speedway on Wednesday for the promotion of racial equality the national protests and calls for justice and equality. Wallace, he’s been sound-related movement, and is the only African American Top NASCAR drivers, have candid dialogue, to end racism and provide equal opportunities.

Through the Richard Petty Racing social media, he revealed the design and what goes into the decision to create a paint scheme honoring the movement.

Now fans can have their own versions of the car, as the cast version is now available for booking. There are several versions and sizes with autographed car released for sale.

The range of cars from 8 million to $ 98.

Wallace spoke about the special edition of the car said he believes this will have a major impact. “I think it will speak volumes to what my position and initiative, the NASCAR of the entire movement is trying to promote,”he said.

He explained the meaning behind not only in the back of the car, but the sport in General, said:

“It’s true, Black Lives Do Matter. This is not to say that we are trying to say that other life no problem, we’re trying to say that Black Lives Matter too…all of life is not a problem, until the black students…and we want to be treated equal and not judged by our skin color.”

His team came up with the idea to do the all black car and Wallace in ship’s time, and are happy to help create. “Absolutely, that would be incredible,”he said. “I jumped all over it.”

When deciding on which basis, he wanted to say, Wallace said,”Let’s make a statement behind and running a Foundation, behind it is to help push the narrative and the initiative of what in today’s World, racial inequality. Let’s find someone else to endorse this.”

They decided on black life issues and with the Martinsville racing open, they know it will be the perfect game to show this information.

He wanted to bring awareness to the movement, and know it line up with the video Driver released to listen, learn and educate yourself.

Wallace emphasizes that he wants people to recognize that they are trying to do is to unite, without distinction of any people.

No. 43 Chevrolet Camaro features labels hand-in-hand and a peace sign with the hands of all the races in it, this is Richard Petty’s contribution and bring the car late 60’s and 70’s.

Wallace has high praise for the designer, and called it,”probably one of the best racing we have been able to do.”

On top of the publicity, Wallace wanted to make a major difference, and donated $ 10,000 to the black life relationships Foundation, through his Foundation, live to be different.

He concluded,”I hope we can bring a message of compassion, love and understanding, in the promotion of this movement for racial equality”, and noted that his team is proud of the part, the dissemination of this information.

Wallace commented that the authority shall prohibit the Confederate flag the race due to the information of hatred and division it often brings. He wants everyone to feel comfortable while attending the event.

Shortly after Wallace asked the flag to be removed, NASCAR officially banned it from the event.

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