Baboon mother with their dead baby for up to 10 days, scientists have revealed

Baboon mothers living in the Wild have been observed carrying their dead infants for 10 days, according to scientists.

A new study from University College London and France’s Université de Montpellier analysis of the case 12, the baboons in the Namibian desert responded to infant death. The study, which focused on chacma baboons, spanning 13 years.

Tribute to the memory of the orca mother is carrying a dead calf on the fifth day of

The anthropologist noted that baboon mothers carry their dead babies in different lengths of time, one hour to 10 days. The average length of time is three to four days, they said.

Namibia South Africa baboon with a dead baby.

Namibia South Africa baboon with a dead baby.
(Alecia Carter)

“There are many hypotheses to explain Primate response to the death of the baby. Perhaps the strongest assumption is that the Carry After Death is an extension of the culture of behavior,”said the study’s lead author, Alecia Carter, Ph. D., University of London, anthropology and Université de Montpellier, in a statement. “We do not believe that mothers know their babies are dead, but not so strongly on the choice of the mother-infant bond formation, once formed, the bond is hard to break. It is not quite clear why only some mothers or the protection of their dead baby, but I suspect that a range of factors, this kind of behavior.”

ORCA pass around the calf’s body at the memorial service a week after its death, the report said:

Researchers believe that the mother’s behavior in these cases is most likely a form of”grief management.” Scientists also observed a”boyfriend”, often the baby’s father, protecting the corpse.

The study, published in the journal Royal Society Open Science.

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Other animals of the grieving process has been in the spotlight in recent years. In 2018, a tribute to the memory of the orca mom in the Pacific Northwest caused widespread concern, she took her dead calf 17 days.

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