Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google defend firms against calls for break-up

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Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Apple’s Tim Cook, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Google’s transportation-related information to defend their company

The head of state of some of the world’s largest technology companies have appeared before lawmakers in Washington to defend their company as critics called for, they were broke.

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos said the world”needs of large”enterprise, and the heads of Facebook, Apple and Google believe that their company had to motivate innovation.

Appearance by managers to members of Congress to consider more rigorous technical requirements.

The competition probe is also under way.

Congressman David Cicilline Democrats leading the congressional Committee hearings, the period of one year investigation by MPs revealed patterns of abuse through the online platform.

“The leading platform that allows their power in destructive ways…in order to expand,”he said.

Critics say that high-tech companies abuse their size and power to benefit their own products, and weakening or acquired competitors, discouraging competition, and ultimately hurt the broader economy.

They say that the regulatory agencies responsible for enforcement of the competition rules referred to as antitrust law in the United States-have been too lax.

Concerned about their power has increased in Washington in recent years, there is the sense that we have lagged behind Europe when it comes to action on issues such as competition and Privacy.

The Conservatives also accused the tech companies of suppressing conservative views and abuse of power when it comes to freedom of expression.

“I’ll get straight to the point new technology is to get the Conservatives, said:”Congressman Jim Jordan, a Republican from Ohio.

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The company pushed back against these arguments in a much anticipated congressional hearing, in which they appear in the remote video.

“The review is reasonable and appropriate under the circumstances,”Apple Tim Cook’s boss said, in a prepared statement. “But we do not make any concessions of fact.”

In his prepared statement, Mr. Bezos said his company faces significant competition in the company, such as Wal-Mart.

“I love the garage entrepreneur—I was one of them. However, just like the world needs of a small company, it also requires a large. Some of the things SMEs can’t do,”he said.

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