Apex of Legends Season 4–assimilation to on 4 to Xbox One

Face or body is now the real evil of the new legendary spirits of the dead, try with a deadly new sniper rifle, and to avoid damage as Hammond Robotics the Earth Reaper to wreak havoc in Apex legends Season 4–assimilation. Summon your courage, and ready to drop on the Xbox One!

See death

Revenant is a
The human mercenary groups the best killer. He used to look in the mirror
Seeing others face the back. But eventually his programming failed, and he
See what kind of mercenaries and Hammond, the robot has to turn him into: the
Go nightmare of steel and residual meat.

Revenant swear
He will hunt down who did this to him, but more than two centuries
Gone, they are gone…or so he thought. The return of Hammond
The robot to the outside to have renewed his desire for revenge, he won’t
Stop until someone connected to the Hammond is dead. Of course, he doesn’t mind removing the internal organs
Some of the Legends. He needs a reason to kill…but his
Not that man anymore.

Apex of Legends Season 4

Strike from the shadows in the Sentinel

Sentinel, a bolt-action sniper rifle that lets you turn off enemies before
They even see you. Deadly at long range, the Outpost is a relatively
Quick-fire precision weapons. Make short work of the enemies of the body shields, by charging
Before you shoot it. The use of this powerful ability to take care of, however, as charging
Consumption Shield the battery from your inventory. If you have the ability to choose
Your opponent from across the map, you’ll be able to take them out before
They know what hit them.

Apex of Legends Season 4

A new combat by waiting for

Fighting through is back with a ton of new goods of the Season 4.
Instantly unlock Free exclusive Legendary weapons and legendary skin. The ensuing battle
Through daily and weekly challenges for your chance to get:

  • Apex pack&XP boost
  • Crafting a metal and the Apex of the coin
  • Music package download screen, quips It.
Apex of Legends Season 4

Only the best will

This is just a taste of
What to Season 4–assimilation. Ready arranged in series of 3
New rewards and a new”master level.” Look out of the
The world-shattering of the planet collection, and get ready for more time-limited way and
Event. Does not want you to see the last king of the canyon.

Play Apex legends Now free in a we’ll see you in the arena!


The Apex of the legend™

Electronic Arts

One thousand five hundred twenty-two

Xbox One X Enhanced

Free trial

Included in the game purchase.

Conquer with the identifier of the Apex of Legends, free to play*battle Royale shooter where the legend has strong ability of the team to battle for fame and fortune on the fringes of the frontier.

Mastering a growing roster of diverse Legends of the deep tactical squad play, and the bold level of innovation of the battle Royal experience—all in a rugged world where anything goes.

Welcome to the next evolution of the Battle Royal Plaza.

A legend
-Master of a growing roster of powerful legends, each with their own unique personality, strengths and abilities, very easy to pick up, but challenging to truly master

Build up your crew
-Select your legend, and put their unique skills join together with other players to form the final personnel.

The strategy of the Battle Royal
-Use your ability–and your wits–strategic calls on the fly, to adapt to your crew’s strengths to meet new challenges, as the matching of the development.

Development of innovative
-Experience to a whole new series of innovative features, levels on Battle Royal genre, including the rebirth of the beacons, intelligent communications, Intelligent Inventory, as well as a brand new way to fall to the behavior of the parachute deployment.

Sweet, sweet loot
-Drop and loot a master of powerful weapons, different attachments, and the benefit of armor to protect you in battle. After the battle, collect a wealth of cosmetic options used to personalize your character and weapons, and open a new way to showcase during the match.

*Applicable platform account and subscription(sold separately)may be required. A persistent Internet connection and EA account required. Age restrictions apply. Includes in-game purchases.

Conditions and restrictions. 看看www.ea.com/legal for details.

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