‘Aggretsuko’ season 3 trailer introduces its death metal-singing heroine to idol pop


Netflix has dropped the trailer Aggretsuko‘s third season, which seems to Retsuko life is only to get more pressure.

Although Retsuko determination to remain grounded and to a”model employee,”it seems that trouble can’t help but to find her. Aggretsuko‘s new season Will see the frustration of the staff of the Office of departing from her trademark death metal, was forced to pay the debts of the part-time as an idol of the underground group of the accounting Manager. However, as Retsuko noticed in the trailer, she’s treated as more workers more than an accountant.

Season 3 Aggretsuko Up of Netflix. 27, and has also been referred to AS English, only in the case of subtitles is not your thing.

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