After the spacecraft test fire Elon Musk estimated 150 m ha”soon”

Elon Musk wants the spacecraft to reach the track before this spring, not quite a pan, but a recent test firing of each of the CEO expect to see the company’s new launch vehicle to take flight soon. On Thursday he Tweeted Its new, SN5 built to complete a full duration static fire, and that 150 metres of the test ha will happen”soon.” Of course, ten days before his Say There will be a flight attempt, within a week, but they are making progress.

Last August we saw the United States Starhopper test vehicles completed the 150 m Raptor-powered”bounce”, sooner or later the actual spacecraft will make a similar test flight. The company continues to loop design and pressure test the prototype—we remember SN4 the end—it moves closer to the actual flight. If there is any information in the network broadcast of the event, we will let you know. Even with the ship Dragon plan a return this weekend, the United States is a priority for the Starship project.

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