Abortion doctor and his accuser


Dr. Willie Parker at the Center for Reproductive Rights Gala in New York City in 2014. (Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Reproductive Rights Center)

Until March 25, 2019, Dr. Willie Parker is a very respected and loved abortion provider in the state of Alabama, the author of the best-selling book Life’s workIn other to defend abortion from a Christian perspective, and frequently, charismatic speaker and honoree in the Pro-choice conferences and events. A magnificent middle-aged black man who grew up poor in Alabama, he is the movement’s rock star. All changed overnight, when Candice Russell,a 35-year-old Latino volunteers in Dallas, published an article on Medium“All women’s names I don’t know about the pain, we share secrets, we remain silent, should not have been asked for.”

Although her account is a bit difficult to follow, she’s basically accusing him of rape and her having sex when she was too drunk to consent—about two years ago. Parker’s reply denying that gender is voluntarily went to Medium The next day, but it’s apologetic tone would only make things worse. Within 48 hours, he resigned under pressure from his Board positions with the religious coalition of reproductive choice and physicians for Reproductive Health and then from the Ms. part of the Justice League(now the abortion before the action). Soon after, his upcoming events to be cancelled, even in Brazil.

I don’t understand at the time why there is such a desire to cancel his, and I still don’t know. Why there is no movement of leaders in accordance with the long-term black feminist Loreta Talos and Tony bond, and resist the rush to judgment? Why not say,”these are serious allegations, we have to look at them”? After all, Russell is not just the requirements of Parker attacked her; she claimed that he would like to do the same for many other people,”whispers”a lot about his misconduct, the higher the movement know all about it, and they have been quiet.

In addition to the night in question, of which only two individuals participate in the experience, her request is a possible alternative. I spent a week last spring in trying to trace those who whisper, and raised very little: he”(took)the young women’s conference at the owl restaurant.” “He bought young women drink they are not asked for.” A woman told me Parker had a color to her, but don’t remember what it is, who is her(I check)there is no memory of any unusual. Another representative said that she spoke to him about his behavior, which would be contrary to his request Medium It never complained about him. Still, it will not increase the most.

More interesting than the rumors themselves is that people are reluctant to share them with me. I must not be”clap”on the Parker’s Medium Piece, so maybe I was considered his ally. One person said I was not seen as a friend of the reproductive justice movement. The other two recommendations, I’m the wrong person to write the story because I’m not an investigative reporter. Not very flattering, but in the end I thought they might be right. If I were a real journalist, I would have been able to get Russell’s supporters to talk to me.

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