A network attack in which destroyed a lot of exercise

Last Thursday, hackers Hit navigation and fitness huge production with a ransomware attack that took down many of the services of the company. The electrical connection, the cloud platform to synchronize the user activity data, black, 还有部分Garmin.com. But as the athletes found themselves unable to record run-and-training pilots to use the products for position, navigation and timing services aircraft is to deal with their own problems.

The flyGarmin and production of the pilot application have suffered from the day time of the interrupt, hinder some of the production hardware used in the plane, including flight planning mechanisms and the ability to update mandatory Aviation Aviation database. Instrument, which wait until Monday to confirm, the network attack cause the trouble, also saw its corporate e-mail system and customer call center, hobbled by the attack. (The whole weekend, e-mail to the electrical public relations staff returned phone also not connected.) Some reports indicate that this is the ActiveCaptain marine applications have also been interrupted.

This is service start flashing on Monday, four days after the shutdown began. The event highlighted the urgency of the threat of ransomware continues to pose the industry, though, especially when it might disrupt the service, millions of people rely on.

This in a statement on Monday, there have been signs, any customer data, including payment information output payment, Access, lost or stolen.” The company declined to comment to Wired on the specific impact to position, navigation and timing services. The instrument Air Twitter account Release Last Thursday,”we are currently experiencing an interruption affecting the power generation of the pilot applications and as a result, some services, such as flight plan filing, may be unavailable.” The account Tweeted An update on Monday:”many of the systems and services impact of the recent disruption, including the flyGarmin and production of a pilot, is being returned to Operation. Some of the features still have temporary restrictions at the same time, all the data is being processed.”

Many pilots reported in social media and aviation forums, they deal with the problems due to the production interruption. Many people pointed out the difficult to plan and schedule flights. They also stressed that they cannot download the database to update their electrical navigation system one of the main problems, because the Federal Aviation Administration requires that aircraft have to update the database on the fly. These updates occur once a month; most recently on July 16, and therefore it has been downloaded many aircraft—a lucky happenstance for gas. Pilots may download the updates elsewhere, but you must subscribe to a different platform.

And destruction not just in theory.

“The biggest problem in my flight school is not able to update the database of electrical 430s we must in all our aircraft—and we use them for navigation,”said Taren Stanton, one of the flight instructors in the front range of the flight school in Colorado. “With the legal constraints we can not fly an instrument flight plan to use them to navigate if they are not kept updated. We have one aircraft was temporarily grounded by.”

Pilots used alone tablet app, and as a backup flight plan and navigation system, but those using the electric pilot will not have that fault insurance. “These users lose some of the service is able to file a flight plan yourself,”Stanton said. “They either had to go to the FAA website or call the telephone number file, which is a huge pain.”

Ransomware attacks are increasingly targeted industrial control systems and critical infrastructure, from the refineries, pipelines and the power grid of the hospital. Sometimes, these attacks use the guise of blackmail as a distraction, as with the destructive NotPetya malware that swept the world in 2017. More often attackers are criminals found taking advantage of the victim, have the most to lose when their systems go down, making them more likely to pay to recover them.

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